Title: I Was A Teenage Strangler

Also known as:

Year: 1997

Genre: Horror / Sexploitation

Language: English

Runtime: 120 min

Director: William Hellfire

Writer: William Hellfire

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1243936/

Winston Strange is throwing a party and he's invited all the freaks from the town to come and join. From the local witch, to the hypnotized-feces eating nut, and all the perverted and sexual frustrated folks in between. There was one person who wasn't invited, a mask wearing strangler who plans to crash the party.

Our thoughts:
It's really hard to trash a movie when it appears as though it was made by High School students, and it's especially hard to trash a William Hellfire movie because you know the type of quality, or lack there of, you'll be getting. There does become a point though when no matter the circumstances of who or how a movie is made, that it is so bad that it can no longer be forgiven or receive any slack for its lack of quality. I've come to have no expectations of any movie that have the names of William Hellfire or Misty Mundae attached to them, especially their early works. From previous viewing experiences, their movies have always been the bottom of the barrel trash. Even with that, I was still dumbfounded by how truly bad "I Was A Teenage Strangler" really was.

The one thing that "I Was A Teenage Strangler" has become infamous for, is it's gross out factor and supposed disgusting acts that fill the run time. Quite frankly, I'm surprised by the amount of people who comment on it being disgusting. Not that it's unjust, but because the gross-out gags are so cheap and obviously nothing more than an attempt to make a shocking film. These ridiculous scenes are cheapened due to the horrible acting job by every person on screen, cheap homemade effects, and the amateurish filmmaking. Having a man eat a broken up candy bar out of a girl's ass, that’s supposed to be shit...An abortion with a hanger, and having a gummy bear fetus being eaten...A girl getting raped and beaten...Maybe these scenes could have been shocking if it wasn't for the fact that they are nothing but a cheap grab for attention. Much like the included scenes of a man receiving a blowjob (yes you actually see it), a bevy of topless women, lesbian make-out session while they're in lingerie, and a few other overtly sexual scenes.

Claimed to be inspired by the likes of early John Waters along with other transgressive filmmakers, and to serve as a social commentary on fetish film aficionados and why the trash they watch. It seems more like an excuse to make up for the lacking final product of a poorly made film, that was relying on it's shock value to give the film notoriety and make it stand out amongst its peers in the world of backyard produced horror movies. Giving the movie and Hellfire the benefit of doubt. Let's say that the movie really is designed to speak on fetish-freaks, and manage to shock and offend said viewers. Does it accomplish this? Not even close, simply because the lack of experience by the people making the movie. It tries desperately hard to be like Waters and other transgressive movies, but at most it only accomplishes at wanting to be, rather than actually being. Though I'm still willing to believe the real reason for the shock scenes, is to not only make the movie stand out, but to make up for the fact it's a completely dull and boring movie. Which was bound to happen since the dialogue is improvised by people who can't act, and the story is an incoherent mess that's made worse from poor editing.

I'm more than willing to be forgiving towards movies from first time filmmakers, and amateur efforts composed of family and friends who just want to make a movie for whatever reason. But with something like "I Was A Teenage Strangler", a movie that's more like an endurance test, it's hard to find forgiveness for it. While others may have found it charming from the supposed sleaze of it's cheapness and sexually explicit scenes, I couldn't see pasts it's failed attempts at shock and the fact it was not only completely boring but incoherent as well. "I Was A Teenage Strangler" may have been created to "terrorize the fetish audience" but the truth remains that the only thing terrorized is the viewing audience's patience. It's nothing more than a wannabe title that aspires to be like those that inspired the people behind the camera, but it only accomplishes at being a frustrating watch because, and I'll put this bluntly, it's fucking shitty.

Positive things:
- Absolutely nothing.
Negative things:
- Everything. It's a poor homemade effort from Hellfire and Co. that features some of the worst acting, an incoherent story, atrocious editing and is so unbelievably boring. Then tries to excuse it's cheap failed shock scenes by claiming the movie was created from the frustration of fetish films and those who enjoy them.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 4/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 1/5

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