Title: Jeg, en kvinde

Also known as:
Jag - en kvinna (Swedish title)
I, a Woman (US title)

Year: 1965

Genre: Drama / Erotica

Language: Danish

Runtime: 95 min

Director: Mac Ahlberg

Writer: Agnethe Thomsen (novel), Peer Guldbrandsen

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0059324/

Siv is a nurse who can't seem to get along with other women - but all the better with men. She's a virgin who just urges for the right man to take her, but the men she meets only seem to want to marry her. Finally, an already married patient shows an interest in her, and they become involved primarily on a sexual level. But how long can they last before its ruined?

Our thoughts:
Mac Ahlberg has gotten quite a bit of exposure from us here, all thanks to Klubb Super 8 releasing most of his movies. They finally released the three "I, a Woman" movies (or "Jeg - en kvinde" in Danish/"Jag - en kvinna" in Swedish). This is his directorial debut, and you can definitely see what's to come here. He has made similar movies, more often more graphic and erotic, for another 12 after this. That seems to be where it ends, with "Molly", as he only made one more film after that and that's classed as crime / drama (the movie is "Hoodlums" in 1979).

This is a story about Siv - nurse and virgin, but soon to become a woman. She flirts with the male patients where she's a nurse (and they flirt back, of course). She doesn't get what she wants from the guy she is seeing, and everyone only seems to want to get overly attached. Siv wants to be a free woman, and to her that means having fun (and sex) with men. One of the patients is a married man with an interest in his lovely nurse. Yes, you figured it out, it's Siv. She's her flirty self and things start going forward on a sexual level. There's some serious sexual tension in that room, that's for sure! She finally has sex but doesn't feel as different as she expected, yet what she experienced is addictive, and she wants more. But she can't deny her interest in the two men she has already started a relationship with.

I don't really know how to phrase this plot. It's not interesting, really, yet I like it so I struggle to make it so. The story isn't the point here. It's a movie about the sexual awakening of a woman - or a story of her becoming a woman, basically. What makes this exciting is how oddly stylish it is and Essy Persson as Siv. Unlike most of Mac Ahlberg's work, this is actually a movie filled with great photography. Yes, Ahlberg is a cinematographer, but when watching most of his movies that's not the part you focus on. It most definitely is here. The black and white is stunning, and everytime Siv is naked it's really classy and erotic. On top of that, Essy Persson is entertaining as hell to watch. She's comical, beautiful and you totally buy her as this curious woman.

You can tell this is an early film by Mac Ahlberg by how rough it is. Clumsy, almost. There are a lot of editing and use of music that seemed really rough around the edges. The music itself gives the movie an anxious, odd feeling which I liked, but sometimes it didn't fit. I'm nitpicking.

This is one of my favorite Mac Ahlberg flicks. It features some of the comedy and lighthearted drama that I found in some of my other favorites, yet it's a lot more classy and has a strange vibe going. That's probably not even intentional, but I don't care. It helped me enjoy it more, so why complain? It's not a very graphic erotica, though we see Essy naked quite a few times (and we love it), but that's to be expected. Definitely worth checking out. Hell, get the trilogy released by Klubb Super 8! I will be covering the other two as well.

Positive things:
- Essy Persson is fun and pretty.
- Stylistic in many ways.
- Unintentionally strange atmosphere.
Negative things:
- Rough editing at times.
- Story isn't that great.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 2.5/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 2.5/5

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