Title: Jeg, en marki

Also known as:
Jag, en markis (Swedish title)
The Reluctant Sadist (American title)
I, a Nobleman (Alternative title)

Year: 1967

Genre: Comedy / Erotica

Language: Danish / Swedish

Runtime: 100 min

Director: Mac Ahlberg & Peer Guldbrandsen

Writer: Peer Guldbrandsen

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0061837/

It becomes aware to Marcel Rasmussen that a simple name-change can change your life forever. He decides to change from Rasmussen to Sade - and his middle name's initials are D. E., so he appropriately enough becomes Marcel, or "Markis", de Sade. Realizing that he can use the name to trick people that he's a distant relative to Marquis de Sade, he soon becomes rich, every woman swoons by the mere sight, and the men are proud to be associated with him.

Our thoughts:
I held off with this title from Klubb Super 8 because I expected a stale period piece inspired by Marquis de Sade (who, I guess, wasn't a stale personality, but still!). That just didn't seem like something I'd rate highly. My expectations were quickly flushed when I realized it wasn't a period piece, and that it's actually a comedy through and through. It's the kind of comedy you'd expect to see from Hollywood now, with someone like Jack Black or Adam Sandler playing the lead. Except it's from the 60's, it's Danish and has enough boobies to go around the block! That changes everything. Really, it does.

Marcel Danielle Eduardo Rasmussen can't believe that he was given three French names, but is stuck with the shitty-ol' Rasmussen at the end. Marcel decides that he'd rather change it so something that fits, and the name he ends up with is Sade. He quickly goes from Marcel to "Markis" when they notice that his middle names form the letters D and E - adding a "de" to his "Sade". Marcel de Sade, or Markis de Sade, is born, and everyone is amazed that there is a relative to the infamous Marquis de Sade in their presence. Marcel uses this to trick the bank, and in just a day Marcel goes from an everyday salary, to being a rich nobleman!

But where Marquis de Sade gave the name to sadism, Marcel de Sade is in for quite a surprise when every woman at his party are ready to get dirty. Whips, chains, nude dancing and other perversities (I say that word VERY lightly in connection to this movie - it's kinda tame) are taking over his party, and even his boss's wife is ready for a good whipping by de Sade.

"Jeg, en marki" is extremely stupid. Intentionally, of course. You'll meet some of the most dumbfounded characters imaginable in here, and it's really entertaining. As long as you don't expect a lot of intrigue or tension, because there is none. Everything goes great for our main character, and people around him are so stupid that they're all ready to kiss his feet. If anything is questioned, it's set straight after a minute and we're back to normal. Even towards the end when he "gets his due", it's really just a different kind of win for him. It doesn't make it a bad movie since it's enjoyable still, but it won't appeal to everyone.

It's weak as erotica, which I think is good. It has a number of breasties out, and some semi-perverted acts (very non-graphic), but ultimately you have to wait until the end for most of it. The movie is a comedy more than erotica, and I'm glad. I can look anywhere for a sex romp, but it's hard to find a classic Scandinavian comedy that actually has you laughing, that also offers pretty, nude women.

I'll recommend "Jeg, en marki" to those with a taste for older Scandinavian movies, who enjoy a good laugh at dumb people and want a typical "hero" character (without being a hero at all), and only see it as a plus if ladies are getting nekkid. It's a weak punch to society, but it's definitely present. The reason I'd say it's weak is because we're all just having too much of a good time watching it, that it doesn't matter what it's trying to say. Another solid film has been dug out by our good friends at Klubb Super 8.

Positive things:
- It's funny.
- The characters, even the stupid ones, are likable.
- Has boobies, but doesn't cover the plot with them.
- Thank God that it wasn't a period piece!
- I love the US title "The Reluctant Sadist"!
Negative things:
- Little-to-no intrigue.
- Runs a little long at 100 min.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 2.5/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 3.5/5

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