Title: Jungfrau Am Abgrund

Also known as:
Mondo Weirdo: A Trip To Paranoia Paradise
Mondo Weirdo: Halfway to Paradise
Mondo Weirdo (UK)
Virgin on the Edge

Year: 1989

Genre: Adult / Expressionism / Drama / Art House

Language: German

Runtime: 55 min

Director: Carl Andersen

Writer: Carl Andersen

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0290910/

A teenage girl in the middle of her first menstruation, still unsure about her sexuality, is forced into the world of sex and vampirism after she sees two girls perform sexual activites on eachother at a rock concert. After this experience, she's in complete shock and is haunted by her own minds bizarre fantasies and strange nightmares. Everywhere she looks, she sees filth, and she wants to destroy others sexuality.

Our thoughts:
This gritty german film is one wild ride. All the expectations I had from this film went down the pooper, but not in a strictly negative way. I expected more surreal scenes and insane visuals, mixed with the obvious sex theme the film has, but it's actually not as surreal as I was hoping. Instead of that, we got a very odd and totally insane hallucinative dream-like vampirism themed black and white film, filled with perverted graphic sex and industrial/experimental 80's rock music. Some people categorize it as horror, and even calling some scenes "scary", but that's not something I would agree with at all.

The movie starts out with a doctor's narration, explaining that the events in the film are taken from real life, and he's explaining the plot of the film in great detail. All this is very good, because it's hard to understand without it, and not because the film is in german, cause there's only a little dialogue, but there isn't anything at the beginning that "tells" us that she gets fucked up fantasies after seeing the two lesbians at the concert and stuff like that. What makes it all even better is that the guy who's narrating has a really stupid german accent, and you can't help but laugh when he says that "the film is not for the squeamish" because it sounds so ridiculous coming from him.

When the silly german is finally done talking, it's only a matter of seconds before we see the first nudity, and just a minute or two after that we get our first lesbian scene. Not bad, huh? Well, there's plenty where that's coming from. This film is literally filled with "filth". Blowjobs, masturbation, gay sex, lesbian sex, and even going down on a guy after they've cut his entire chest, are some of the things we get. Surprisingly enough, the pornography in this film can barely be called porn, because it's done in such a way that it's hard to watch for that purpose. The only scene I can imagine turning people on would be the climax scene at the end, because it's alot more graphic, longer and beautifully shot than the rest. Even though it's pretty vile at times.

That takes me to the supposedly "squeamish" scenes. I can't say there are any scenes in this film that would make people turn away..at all. Except, well, the gay scene, but that's for other reasons. I'm just not into that. The
thing about that scene that bugs me the most though, is the fact that it's there. The film is about a girl who sees these kind of things around every corner, everywhere she looks, but the girl wasn't in that scene. She couldn't possibly see them. And if they were suppose to be gay, and the things they did wasn't in her fantasies but actually real, then it was just pointless to have in there. Correct me if I missed something there.

The movie lacks gore, but it didn't really need it. Of course, it would have been awesome as hell if it had some really cool gore and lots of it, but the fact is that most of the effects in this film are horrible and it doesn't drag it down. We have lots of stupid paint-looking blood when throats and wrists are cut, and only one of those scenes are close-up so we can see that they actually CAN make gory wounds. Other than that we get a cut-off dick that looks decent until the girl grabs it and looks at it, 'cause it just looks like a dildo.

Overall, it's a very dark and depressive trip into a girls visions of absurd sexuality. Even though it's a good film even if you look at every flaw, I understand why the film hasn't gotten that much attention, but I do think that it has what it takes to become really popular if the right people see it. Too bad it's hard to come by.

Positive things:
- Tons of nudity. I know you all love it!
- Interesting but still a simple plot.
- The music literally helps it live.
- Far from flawless but works really great anyway.
- Very few words of german is spoken, so you don't miss anything.
- It's nuts.
Negative things:
- Not enough gore.
- Way too little extreme surrealism.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 5/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 1.5/5
Comedy: 1/5

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