Title: Killer Crocodile

Also known as:

Year: 1989

Genre: Animal / Horror

Language: Italian

Runtime: 90 min

Director: Fabrizio De Angelis

Writer: Fabrizio De Angelis

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0143338/

Enviromentalists go to a tropical island and find toxic waste that has been dumped into a river. They will also soon meet the people behind this evil deed and a huge crocodile hungry for flesh.

Our thoughts:
"Killer Crocodile" is probably exactly what you would expect. There's no plot big enough to take our focus away from the deadly animal. Basicly, there's just a group of people arriving at a tropical place, just so that they can get killed by and fight off the crocodile. The fact that they are enviromentalists is just there to give them a reason to be there at all. And the crocodile is a big motherfucker, most likely for the toxic waste that has been dumped in his river. It all fits together just nicely enough, doesn't it? Yeah, we're not in it for the story, so does it entertain us enough with the "Jaws" rip-offs, clichées and kills? I'd say it does.

The release I watched was the new one by Studio S Entertainment, and it's the dubbed English version. Just like you, I don't like dubbed films, but I have became very used to watching Italian movies that are dubbed so in this case it only added to the cheese for me. At times it felt like the dubbers didn't have the original script, they just filled it in how they felt was the best way to do it themselves. Or maybe it was just the odd delivery of the lines that made it seem like that.

One of the things that entertained me the most with this movie was all the illogical things that went on. People standing too close to the edge of the boat, a guy that is looking for toxic waste in a river is walking straight into the river, jumping into the river when the crocodile is there just so that they can help a young girl up from the bridge when they very easily could've lifted her up from above, you name it. But the best of them all is when our hunter-guy (think Quint in "Jaws") has a spear and walks over from the boat to the back of the crocodile and just continues to stab it, even when the crocodile goes under water he follows him under. Brilliant!

The most important thing is of course our monster of the evening - the crocodile. It actually looks alright. I mean, it's fake as fuck and kinda look like a toad and the eyes are shining, but it's fun and fits in a movie like this. I didn't expect it to be a real crocodile and I sure as hell didn't think we'd see it as in the open as we did. I rather have an okay looking crocodile out in the open, than a great looking one kept hidden. It's all about the cheese-factor anyway, so why complain?

The cover sort of promised tits, but there was none of that. But as long as there was gore I was a happy chap. It's not a gory movie, but it was there and it was enough for me. I especially love the shots of the inside of the crocodile's mouth when they harm it, it looks like they are stabbing a blood-filled pillow case or something. And can you guess how the crocodile dies? It may or may not include an explosion.

I think most horror fans could get some fun out of this little animal horror. There's plenty of worse films out there and if you get a group together you could have a blast. I know they filmed "Killer Crocodile II" back-to-back with this one so I hope to get my hands on that one day, and even though the director isn't the same I hope it will be just as much fun.

Positive things:
- Just a bloody good time!
- Cheesy crocodile means cheesy fun.
- Illogical and hilarious.
- Every animal horror needs a bad ass.
Negative things:
- Titless.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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