Title: The Killer Elephants

Also known as:
Rumbling the Elephant (Original title)
Killer Elephant (Alternative title)

Year: 1976

Genre: Action

Language: Thai / English (dubbed)

Runtime: 82 min

Director: Kom Akadej

Writer: N/A

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0188760/

A man has to get help from his old friend, who is now a cop, to get his pregnant wife back from a gang of criminals.

Our thoughts:
This is the first release from the distributor Attackafant Entertainment (released with help from Njutafilms) so I think it's only fair that I start by giving a little comment or two about the release itself. The movie, of course, is a very obscure old Thai film that has until now only been available through bootlegging. It's not perfect quality but it's the best you'll get. And to be honest, it would look really bad if it was slick HD quality or whatever you kids enjoy these days. For being a first release, this is excellent in every way as it offers all you could want: a never-before-on-DVD movie, good looking menus, English and Swedish subtitles (every distro should include English subs to get a wider interest) and an overall solid feel. The lack of extra material isn't a surprise when you consider what movie it is. I look forward to their future releases!

Now to the film of the evening, "The Killer Elephants"! Well, the original title sounds better to me when you consider that the elephants are basicly used as weapons/vehicles. The plot is thinner than the dubbing is poor and it's basicly about the kidnapping of a pregnant wife, and her mercenary husband has to ask his old friend (now a cop) for help.

But that's barely what the movie really is about. It's about action! Fighting, shooting, car chases, macho men and elephants smashing stuff. The title might lead you to believe it's an animal horror, but it's not. It's pretty much just a straight forward action film that happened to have elephants in it. Does it make for a good movie? Far, far from it. Is it entertaining? If you're in the right mood you'll have a blast with it. With friends it could be the laugh of the year. But I watched it in a very tired state and didn't find it all that fun to get through.

I've come to the conclusion that reviewing films that are going for being entertaining, with thin plots, when I just don't feel it is a hard thing to do if you want the review to be interesting. But in all honesty, sometimes there's no point in making a review fancier than the movie deserves, and if you want to give an idea of the film then this is the way to do it. It's how we've always operated! If you enjoy old, obscure and poorly-dubbed action films then you should have fun with this one. I know there are some serious enthusiasts in this genre and this is definitely a treasure for them to pick up! If you want to have a laugh with friends, sure! If you want to watch elephants go berserk, killing everyone around and an overall bloodbath, then no, this is not the movie for you at all. The elephants aren't really "killers", but they are used to kill and destroy by humans. I don't use this against it since I knew it was an action movie going into it, but I feel it's good to make that clear.

Now, support this brand new company if you want them to release even more obscure films from the past! I know for a fact that they have "Thunder of Gigantic Serpent" coming soon and, personally, that's a far more interesting title. A good start for them, I think, but want to see after maybe 10-15 releases what they are really going for.

Positive things:
- Entertainment value if you are with friends or in the right mood.
- Fun dubbing!
- Obscure film released by the newcomers Attackafant Entertainment, and a good release at that!
Negative things:
- I wasn't really feeling it.
- Paper-thin plot.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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