Title: Legend of Hell

Also known as:

Year: 2012

Genre: Action / Horror / Gore

Language: English

Runtime: 80 min

Director: Olaf Ittenbach

Writer: Olaf Ittenbach

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1687878/

Selma is an archaeologist who discovers two unbelievable finds - one is an ancient scroll, the other a portal. She's contacted by an art dealer who is deeply interested in the scroll, but after she refuses to hand it over she's the target of his armed men, and dies. Selma is soon part of the astral world, where hellish creatures reign, and Selma and a few selected have to close the gates of hell.

Our thoughts:
My faith in Olaf Ittenbach as a director reaches lower and lower levels with every new movie he makes. This is a damn shame, since I enjoy his early efforts a ton - they were shit, sure, but the right kind of shit. And they were ambitious, had creative FX and gore and everything else you want from low-budget gore/splatter. His style didn't exactly change although they are obviously better productions, but they feel a lot less creative and bring less interesting gore scenes. The issue is that his horrible plots, characters and dialogues aren't fun to watch when the movies reach a certain production quality. It worked when it was a young man making fun gore, not as much when it's someone who seems to put his own stories in way too high regards. He complicates the stupid, makes his horrible characters pretentious and the gore - well, it gets watered down. Sometimes there are great moments, but then you notice stuff like CGI becoming bigger and bigger parts of the movies.

Excuse my lack of enthusiasm as I review what I would consider the least interesting entry in Olaf Ittenbach's filmography.

Imagine a portal, a scroll and all of those (typical) stuff you'd expect in an Ittenbach movie. Selma is an archaeologist who finds them. She's shot to death when an art dealer is trying to get his hands on the scroll. She wakes up in an astral world, where she finds out that she has lived many lives, and is now dead. Her only mission now is to fight off the evil spirits of the astral world and close the portal to hell once and for all.

Olaf Ittenbach makes this somewhat simple story a lot more complicated and annoying than it has to be. Ever since his early days he made things overly complicated to a point where it got boring, but in the early stuff it sort of worked as him showing his ambitions. Since then it has only gotten harder to get through an Ittenbach movie, no matter the amount of gore, because everything except that literally sucks ass. It's tiresome. Yes, I am annoyed - maybe I shouldn't be as it's not a surprise anymore. Yet I am.

The gore ranges from fun and boring. There are some moments where you get classic Ittenbach styled violence, but it was hard to bring those to light when you quickly get CGI blood splatter to follow. His gore can still be fun though, in certain parts, but it does lack his extreme creativity we witnessed back in the day.

Certainly, IF you are watching this, it's for the gore or because you're a fan of Olaf Ittenbach. If you like his later movies, this will be a good addition for you. If you like his early stuff, I would guess you'll be disappointed (again). "Legend of Hell" was really bad. Olaf Ittenbach might not have made masterpieces (in the traditional sense) in his life, but this is his bottom so far. Every line of dialogue had me squirming due to the blend of cheesiness and pretentiousness, I couldn't get invested in the story even a few minutes into it, and the violence isn't nearly as exciting as I wanted it to be. It's part of a less exciting triple B than the usual blood, boobs and beast - this is bland, boring bullshit.

Positive things:
- A few good gore shots.

Negative things:
- Horrible acting, writing, directing, CGI, green-screening, you name it.
- The movie is 80 min. But that includes the 4 min opening credits and the 8 min ending credits.

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 1/5

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