Title: Liber CXI

Also known as:
Liber CXI: 5 Years of Psichotic(K) Ejaculations

Year: 2007 - 2011

Genre: Collection / Adult / Experimental

Language: N/A

Runtime: 100 min

Director: Marco Malattia

Writer: Marco Malattia


A collection of experimental pornography by Marco Malattia and the company V>L>F Videomalattie.

Our thoughts:
I requested this DVD for reviewing since I'm a curious person, but realized when I started to watch it that it wasn't going to enjoy it. I do appreciate that he wanted to send me this for reviewing, but this was one of those cases where I asked to make sure the filmmaker really wanted me to review this even though I wasn't a fan, and it did seem like he really wanted the review. I'm trying not to review things I feel are just pornography, as I don't see the point, but I suppose this review will be a heads up to people who might stumble upon this title. Therefor this review will be extremely blunt and honest about what I think.

What follows here is also a very different kind of review. It's a thought process where anything I can think of will be spilled out. Both as a way to entertain my brain, and because I'm not sure how else to go about reviewing this. I also won't go into each short with a detailed review, so I'll just give you a little glimpse of what to expect from this collection in the two following paragraphs:

Let's get to the beginning right away - the first short is called "The Chronicles of Helga Retard". This is essentially a bunch of scenes of wet sex, scat, puking and sex tied together with a strange soundtrack and equally strange (for a porn) editing. And someone wearing masks. Some inserts here and there with clips of other stuff such as insects and a clock, most likely added to try and give it more sense.

What follows is "[M]ass, Semen and the God's Words". This treats you with fisting and more use of masks. What else is there to say? "An Experiment in Shit" features masks, weird sex scenes. Things like exams, anal play, experimenting with shit, sex. With inserts of strange music, editing, clips of other stuff. These three speak up for pretty much the rest of the material. It's masked people doing BDSM, shitting, pissing, puking and fucking. And then it's edited together in an experimental manner with inserts of other things here and there.

At this point I wonder why am I reviewing this again? That's right, I hate myself. And again, the director seemed to really want me to review it. Which I can understand, I'm sure there aren't too many reviews of this DVD going around considering what it is. So let's be serious for a while - do I as a reviewer (and filmmaker too) look down on stuff like this? Do I have the right to call this "worthless"? Does that go against my open mind for the underground scene? I honestly don't know. I think in general pornography has a lower status, however I don't mind pornography or look down on it. "Liber CXI" is just silliness to me, though. I can't for the life of me take this kind of work seriously. Pissing, shitting and puking is silly unless put in a very specific situation (which is why it works to some extent in the "August Underground" films and such) that isn't just pornography. When said pornography also plays around with filtering, editing, weird sounds and music, and basically trying to give it an artistic spin... it's just silly and childish to me. And in the end, what it boils down to is: if I don't like something then I will be giving my two cents. That's what I'm here for!

When I first spoke to the director about me not wanting to review this I said it gave off the vibe of Lucifer Valentine films. And I understand there is a difference, as Lucifer Valentine wants to believe he makes more than just porn (by adding some gore and a pretentious plot) and Marco Malattia knows what he is doing is porn. However, it's impossible for me NOT to lump the two directors together because they're both porn to me, and both are "bad porn", and ALSO they carry a similar amateurish experimental style.

We here are Film Bizarro always try to find a positive in everything, so what is the positive thing I have to say about this one? I'm a great fan of experimental art, and even though this didn't cut it for me, I think the one short with the most appealing style was "The Night of the Ghouls of Lesbo". Somehow it worked in this one. And the lack of piss, shit and puke in it (from what I could see) made it slightly more watchable. Slightly! If the director puts focus on this style rather than... everything else on this DVD, then maybe he'll produce something watchable in a distant future.

I really see no pleasure in this collection at all. The pornography isn't sexy so I'm not sure how it will turn anyone on except for people who just want piss, shit and puke (I know they are out there, but even then I'm sure there's better stuff to find). The style is alright had it been independent horror or drama. But this is pornography that, even though it's just a bunch of gross-out stuff, gives the vibe of pretentiousness. Simply because of how it's editing, the soundtrack, etc. Pretentious scat, wet and puke porn? No thanks, I'm out. Strange things combined with sick things doesn't automatically make it interesting. If it is YOUR cup of tea, good for you and good for the director having an audience. For me this is of no worth.

Positive things:
- A few moments of "The Night of the Ghouls of Lesbo" showed some sort of style that worked.
Negative things:
- Shocking? Nah, it's quite silly to me.
- The experimental style didn't work with the content.
- Feels like it wants to be much more than it ends up being.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 5/5
Story: 0/5
Effects: 0.5/5
Comedy: 0.5/5

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