Title: Life.Love.Regret.

Also known as:

Year: 2013

Genre: Independent / Short / Drama / Horror

Language: Italian

Runtime: 9 min

Director: Federico Scargiali

Writer: Federico Scargiali & Luca Luisa

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3300638/

Some people are tired of what life has to offer, but they need help with the final push. In comes a woman who volunteers to help people in ways of their choosing - no matter how twisted, depressing or violent. One day she gets hired by someone she has a personal relationship to...

Our thoughts:
I was happy to be contacted by the people behind this short film as its premise is very interesting - it could be equally emotional as disturbing. I went into it being open to it going either way. It could have been psychological or straight out graphic, I am just fascinated by the idea of suicides, a helping hand in death, and when it comes to the personal life.

That's the main point of this 9 min short, to show someone who has no problem ending the life of people she doesn't know. A woman helps people that have reached the end of the line, that are ready to go, and it's always done in ways they have personally requested. The first victim simply gets his throat sliced open, while another one wants to get suffocated while he rubs his penis from the outside of his pants. She has no problem distancing herself from it: they want to die, so she is just helping them. Finally she gets hired to end the life of someone she knows, and her repressed feelings can't be hidden any longer.

To my surprise, the movie actually balances between graphic gore and a more subtle aspect, but unfortunately it never reaches the emotions that the ending wanted to. Its final reveal and how the entire end scene was executed simply makes it feel rather pretentious in comparison to the rest of the short. I'm talking to the extreme where I literally had my head in my hands for a few seconds. There could have been simple solutions to that problem, by simply going at it from a more straight angle, not trying to surprise us. For a short film, at only 9 min, it's quite important that every scene is good. One scene can often mean about 30% of a short film, right? So it's a shame that the end scene didn't work with the rest of the short film.

The rest of the short film is a lot more forward. It's just a woman ending people's lives. Sometimes it's gory, sometimes it's a bit twisted, but usually it's just straight to the point. It starts with a pretty bloody throat slit, and there's a very gory headshot that isn't too bad, though the effects won't completely fool you. Its effects are definitely decent, but as expected when you look at something for a while you start to see how fake it is.

"Life.Love.Regret." doesn't have the emotions that it needs, and when it tries (in its climax), it only ends up feeling silly and forced. It has the gore and it has the nudity, so it's something many horror fans will enjoy, but if you're looking for something to hook you in and get you emotionally invested, this isn't it. Whatever I have to say, I think you should give it 9 minutes of your time if you get the chance. It's short enough for the time not to be wasted, and you get some effects and nudity.

Positive things:
- Graphic enough.
- Has better effects than expected.
Negative things:
- Wants a little more than it is capable of emotionally.
- The ending felt silly to me.

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 0.5/5

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