Title: Little Deaths

Also known as:

Year: 2011

Genre: Anthology / Horror

Language: English

Runtime: 94 min

Director: Sean Hogan, Andrew Parkinson & Simon Rumley

Writer: Sean Hogan, Andrew Parkinson & Simon Rumley

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1614456/

Three different directors with three different short stories all offering horrific and nightmarish twists on sexuality and desires.

Our thoughts:
My vague interest in the film is what kept me from watching it in 2011. I mean, I HAD an interest to see it eventually, but it was far from the most appealing film I wanted to get through for my "Best of 2011" list. And since then.. well, there has just been a lot of films in front of it. This of course means that I was kinda happy when a package with the film arrived out of nowhere. Now I couldn't hide from it any longer! I know it sounds weird: this want-to-don't-want-to. But it's honestly because I've realized that anthologies have become a lot more boring than what they used to be. I consider myself a fan, but I've lost that little interest now. "Little Deaths" did entertain me a lot more than, say, "The Theatre Bizarre" though.

Going by the title, you can expect the stories to be sex related. And trust me, they most certainly are. The first one is called "House and Home", and tells the story of a Christian couple who bring home homeless people to have some perverted fun with them. This means everything from raping to pissing on them. But this time they've brought home a chick with some horrific secrets waiting to be let out. Without going into detail, they get what they deserve.

I think "House and Home" was the weakest of the three, and suffered from something that a lot of anthology stories suffer from. And in simple terms, it's the typical "surprise" at the end. It builds towards one thing for a long time, and then spins it around. Not a bad thing per se, but when it's done in the same way in almost every anthology... it's not a surprise, is it? Not to mention the "surprise" is rather bland and boring in itself. Although pretty gory, so maybe that alone will be enough?

The following story is called "Mutant Tool". This one is a bit tricky to explain quickly and without spoiling it. It's about an experimental drug that a young woman is given, and slowly she gets urges to go back to her past as a prostitute. But the drug seems to have connected her to something, and she suffers from flashes of someone else's memories and feelings. It doesn't just focus on this woman, but on the people "developing" the drug as well. So for a short story it gets rather involving and almost confusing at times.

Is this anthology trying to be funny and silly? Even though the set-up and main plotlines are serious, each story deals with something that is just so over-the-top and stupid that it's impossible not to laugh at it. It ruins the atmosphere that I think it built up fairly well. "Mutant Tool" is definitely the most stupid of the three and I'm not sure how it could be taken seriously in some parts. The story of the woman - sure. But what the drug is made out of? And that setup and scene overall... Ridiculous. Was this idea written by a 10 year old child, and the rest by someone else? It is THAT stupid. It ruins the anthology a bit. The overall story stilled worked and kept me interested.

The last story "Bitch" is by Simon Rumley, the director of an alright movie that made a fuzz a while back: "Red, White and Blue". This made me interested in it since I had some reference, and I think this was the most solid one of the three. It's not free from stupid bits, but it's not distracting me in this one. It's good that this story was saved for last.

But what is it about? It's about a very, very complicated love. Two roommates spend their nights with twisted BDSM games (when they're not in a bar). One night the dominant woman has sex with the friend of her partner, and he gets extremely jealous and it crushes him. He starts planning a revenge that will turn her dominant games and phobias against her. Not the goriest or even the most perverted story of the three, but definitely the most plausible and interesting. Going for psychologically challenging rather than anything else.

Overall "Little Deaths" is a pretty decent anthology. It's perverted and strange, which is good. But at times it goes a bit too far and that's a shame since it makes it really hard to take it seriously. Did they intentionally make it stupid? I don't know. It didn't work, though. You will definitely get a bit of fun and entertainment out of this anthology, and it's one of the more interesting ones I have seen in a while. That's not necessarily a compliment since they have been pretty bad, but this is actually alright.

Positive things:
- "Bitch" was definitely the highlight.
- One of the better anthologies in a while.
- Entertaining.
- Offers some gore and perversion.

Negative things:
- Extremely stupid at times.
- "House and Home" was rather weak.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 3.5/5
Comedy: 2/5

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