Title: LolliLove

Also known as:

Year: 2004

Genre: Mockumentary / Comedy / Independent

Language: English

Runtime: 64 min

Director: Jenna Fischer

Writer: Jenna Fischer & Peter Alton

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0316187/

Hollywood couple Jenna & James Gunn wants to make the world a better place and decide to start an organisation to help some of the people in need. They finally settle for helping the homeless, and their tactic is so hand out lollipops with a nice, original wrapper on them. But are others as interested in saving the homeless too?

Our thoughts:
This film by Jenna Fischer (mostly known as Pam from the US "The Office") and her ex-husband James Gunn (who I tend to jerk off on this website for "SUPER", among other things) is one I have been a fan of for many years but never finally sat down to review it. Yesterday I rewatched it with a couple of friends so I decided to do it while it was still fresh on my mind. And it's also a little break for all that horror, sleaze and crap we normally cover, right?

Being a mockumentary it was fun to see it still being about a real couple, with some other real names (and even a fictive Father Lloyd, played by Lloyd Kaufman. Yes, this movie is in fact released by Troma!). "LolliLove" is an organisation that celebrity couple (now ex-couple) Jenna & James Gunn start because they want to make the world a better place. It's essentially a naive idea, of course, but they don't see it. Their idea is to hand out lollipops with wrappers featuring some of James Gunn's original artwork on them - things such as a homeless man's face with the text "You matter" below it. They try to gather money and sponsors for the project because even buying lollipops and changing wrappers on them will cost money! And they finally set out on the street to finally be of help - give out lollipops.

"LolliLove" is a stupid movie. It doesn't hide it at all - James Gunn's often over-the-top acting is proof of that. But it's a really sweet movie, too. The jokes are often quirky but funny, the ideas that the couple come up with are often absurd yet realistic enough to fit with the mockumentary style (I've seen documentaries with more crazy people than this!), and with the runtime being rather short I feel that the story only goes as far as it needs to go. Some scenes always crack me up, such as James Gunn trying to get the canvas to speak to him before he paints on it. He doesn't paint whatever, he paints what the canvas wants to have painted on it. It leads to him taking off his clothes. But my absolute favorite is towards the end when they are out on the streets actually handing out the lollipops and they start to fight with a bum who told Jenna he would "fuck her gash".

I think it's great to see a movie by two celebrities (sure, less famous then than now) and still knowing this was extremely low-budget and that a company like Troma got to release it. Not to mention there are plenty of cameos (not counting Lloyd) such as Jason Segel, Linda Cardellini and Judy Greer. It's inspirational, actually, even though I wouldn't want either of those in my own films. Just seeing a film like this made from people who could make something with a budget and with better means reassures me that Hollywood are putting too much money and not enough effort into it.

Yes, "LolliLove" is stupid and cute, and probably not at all what you want to watch right now. But I love it. It's really funny, sometimes over-the-top (talking to you, James the Germophobe), but still a rather realistic mockumentary on naive people wanting to do good things, even though they might not have the right methods. If this is the sort of films Jenna Fischer would be doing if she continued with directing I think she should do it. Whatever you think of this film, it has to be better than most of the Hollywood comedies.

Positive things:
- I'm a fan of James Gunn!
- Stupid, quirky and funny.
- The use of actual homeless at the end.
- Holds up pretty well after multiple viewings.
Negative things:
- The movie is a bit off at times, which gives it an odd feel to it that I don't think was intentional.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 4/5

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