Title: Lost Woods

Also known as:

Year: 2012

Genre: Independent / Horror / Thriller

Language: English

Runtime: 88 min

Director: Nathan Ellering & Phillip Ellering

Writer: Nathan Ellering, Phillip Ellering & Joey Brown

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1975205/

Luckily for a group of friends, they brought weapons with them on their camping trip to the middle of the woods. When their camping trip is interrupted by a sasquatch out for blood, their weapons come in handy and then some - but will the weapons be enough to stop this beastly force?

Our thoughts:
The sasquatch and similar hairy beasts has been feared, adored, hunted, fought and even been made love to in movies for a long time. The majority of these films come off as incredibly cheesy and boring, when it should be a perfect monster to use for simple entertainment. The audience is pretty open to what might work as a sasquatch and what won't, but most filmmakers end up with a silly gorilla meeting boring characters. At first glance "Lost Woods" might not be a huge step away from that either, but it's impossible to deny that there is something else in there as well.

Another group of friends are going on another camping trip in another forest and they're attacked by another monster. It's been done to death, and horror movie fans worldwide are just waiting for a movie to use the concept the right way - most don't. "Lost Woods" starts out exactly like this, a fairly stale and boring camping trip gone bad. It takes a long time to bring on the sasquatch, and that's always a risky move. But eventually it happens, and the scenes aren't fantastic at all - we don't see too much action going on, and the violence is just barely there.

Towards the end of the movie it takes a different direction and raised itself a notch. Even though the planning and preparation for what happened could've been handled better, it's something slightly different that by the end of it will leave you fairly entertained by the film. But the big problem is that you feel they could've done something to save it sooner than they did, as it had almost ended by the time it changed route. Frankly, my absolute favorite part of the film comes after the end credits, and if done right we could get a fun sequel out of it. One that uses the story from the first film to develop something very different, and more exciting. We can only wish they at least attempt it!

The sasquatch looks bad but not terrible. I mean, it's essentially a big ape and acts like one, and that's probably why it looks bad. At least it's a guy in a suit, rather than full CGI. However, CGI was used to make the glowing eyes and I think also to move parts of the face (nostrils, etc.). It's better to use CGI this way than going crazy with it, but I'm not sure stuff like the eyes were really needed.

Our characters are most of the time fine, but never really doing much to win us over. They say some bad jokes, have some conflicts, and do some chilling, but it's hard to believe they are actually friends. The actors themselves aren't that bad, but it's just another case of mismatched friends. There's also some use of wigs and fake-mustache's that took me out of the film, and made me wonder if they were going for a different era? It wasn't really brought out in the open so I can't verify it.

"Lost Woods" isn't all that exciting. Most of the time it's a case of doing things we've seen way too much already. The look of the film is very typical modern independent film with a filtered, saturated look to try and hide the fact that maybe the camera wasn't too great. But at the end of the film, it takes a slightly different approach to the lore and manages to win me over enough to not dislike the movie, and has me hoping for a sequel that will stay with this style instead of going back to "a group of friends meets the sasquatch". They can definitely make something out of it, and hopefully they will.

Positive things:
- Alright acting.
- The ending took a turn for something positive, even though it's not worked on enough.
- A rather sudden pissing musical number.
Negative things:
- Pretty boring most of the time.
- The sasquatch was ugly - can't tell if it's because a sasquatch is supposed to beugly, or because of how the suit was made.
- The glowing eyes of the sasquatch.
- Why did they have all of those guns with them?
- Should've had more gore.
- No nudity.

Gore: 1.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 1/5

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