Title: Lovesick: Sick Love

Also known as:
The Chambermaid (USA, DVD title)

Year: 2004

Genre: Drama / Thriller / Erotic

Language: English

Runtime: 90 min

Director: Wolfgang Büld

Writer: Wolfgang Büld

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0385846/

Hard working Julia (Fiona Horsey) has two jobs to be able to support herself and her low-life musician boyfriend. She works at a hotel during the days and in a bar at nights. One day when she is cleaning a room at the hotel and she's wearing headphones, she can't hear that someone is actually home and is in the shower. When the showering man comes out Julia excuses herself, but the man wants her to pleasure him. He offers her $50 and this makes Julia think, and she responds that she'll do it for $100. She manages to get more and more money out of him for various things before his wife comes home. Now the man and his wife tells the hotel manager that she stole money from them. To prevent from being reported to the police, since they're obviously not trusting Julia's words, Julia pretends she likes the manager. This sets off all kinds of trouble for Julia since she also has a boyfriend. Murders and crimes are done before this story comes to an end.

Our thoughts:
"Lovesick: Sick Love" is the second part in something that's being called the "Sex and Sin trilogy", which contains three films of filmmaker Wolfgang Büld. The other two are "Penetration Angst" and "Twisted Sisters". At first this is a pretty hard film to understand. I don't mean that because it's surrealistic or anything like that, but because it's being advertised as somewhat of a exploitation/female fury kind of film but it's rather a drama/thriller with an erotic touch. There's also some vague comedy going on, and I would say that the entire mood of the film is comedic at times.

I can't give a much better plot than what you can see under my plot description. It's basicly a story about a girl who has to pretend she likes someone so she won't be reported to the police. The lead role, Julia, is played by the cute Fiona Horsey. Julia gets wrapped up in the lonely hotel managers (Michael O'Ryan) way of life and actually seems to enjoy herself at times, especially after her boyfriend got pissed at her. But it doesn't take long before the boyfriend is at the hotel, and Julia and him have sex. Unfortunately O'Ryan sees them fool around in the halls through a camera, and he sneaks to the room they go to, where he overhears them talk about how she is just fooling O'Ryan. Pissed and disappointed, O'Ryan drugs Julia when she's going to sleep that night, and rapes her. This goes on several nights until Julia finds a camera that he's used to film himself touching her.

I don't wanna go on and on since you now probably know the first hour of the film, but I wouldn't really call this spoiling the film at all since the best part is the ending, everything else just builds up anger in all the characters. It's not really a brutal film, but it's definitely sadistic in more than one way. Even though the film feels more like a Swedish or British TV drama than a movie, I was interested in Julia's life and was satisfied with the film when it was over.

Fiona Horsey plays the character really good, Paul Conway knows how a lonely pervert should be played, and the other actors aren't bad either. There are however some tiny bumps in the film that I felt brought it down a bit, and that's mostly the atmosphere. You never really get sucked into it because sometimes it's dramatic, sometimes comedic, and that's not something you want in a film like this, atleast not if you want the film to affect you in some way. Two other things that bothered me is that while it's pretty realistic, some things are extremely out-there and you can't really reach them as far as being a realistic movies goes. I'm mostly talking about some lines and decisions that the characters make.

I was disappointed that it wasn't darker than it is, since I was hoping for erotic/exploitation/horror rather than erotic/drama/thriller with tiny comedic moments. Wolfgang Büld made that mix work but there is alot of room for improvement and I wouldn't recommend this film to people who only wanna be shocked or turned on. It's very story-driven and even the story gets a bit repeative at times. If the movie was like the last 15 minutes of the film or so it would've been a pretty creepy film. It's not a bad movie by any means, I actually enjoyed it alot, it's just not everything that it could've been and keep all of this in mind if you ever watch it.

Positive things:
- Julia.
- Entertaining even though nothing extraordinary happens.
Negative things:
- It never finds it's atmosphere.
- Small issues that takes away the realism of the film.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 2/5

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