Title: Maggot Corner

Also known as:

Year: Episode 1: 2005 / Episode 2: 2006

Genre: Splatter / Comedy / Show / Independent

Language: English

Runtime: Episode 1: 3 min / Episode 2: 7 min

Director: Michael T. Schneider

Writer: Michael T. Schneider


A short film series that features the Maggot Films gang hosting oddity, hilarity and general brutality in forms of short videos.

Our thoughts:
This serie was originally made for the CD-ROM publication The Meat Socket, but I got this from buying the Maggot Films Collection disc from.. well.. Maggot Films. There was only two episodes, and I'm not sure if there ever was more than that, but I hope to someday stumble upon something along the lines of this from Maggot Films again.

The shows intro shows the funny stupidity that we can expect. It involves a girl singing and playing guitar, with lyrics like "Maggot corner.. yeah yeah.. if we don't make it out.. we're gonna die!" or something along the lines of that.

Episode 1:
The video they show in the first episode of "Maggot Corner" is called "Kiss The Cannibal", and it's hosted by Michael T. Schneider himself. Since I have only seen strange and morbid films from these guys before, I didn't expect it to be full-on splatter comedy like this one was.

"Kiss The Cannibal" is a video that tells us what to feed our victims if we plan on eating them. Apparently, the way to get perfect results is to give them good and healthy food for a year. Soon enough we see a girl standing in a tub, and she is getting her gut cut open. After that, she takes her own intestines and hands them to the guy who just cut her open. The chef takes the yummy intestines and makes a sallad out of it, and to top it off he rips off her right arm, and puts it all in the oven. This is basicly what we see in this episode.

The gore looks really good, even better than expected. We get to see it alot more clear here than in some of their other gritty surreal films. The small part of the arm that was still attached to the girl after it was ripped off seemed a little thin, but it's all too silly to be judged.

Episode 2:
The second episode of the show was a little darker, but still just as silly. I thought the first one was better, but this one has alot more Maggot Films-feel to it. That's never a minus, right? This episode's short video that they show is titled "1-800-PARTY GIRL" (I think. They never say that's the title), and is presented by "The Campy Creep". A weird man in silly glasses, long hair, a hat, America underwear and nothing else.

A girl has a date with a man, and he tries really hard to fix everything for when she arrives. He carves a pumpkin, takes out a cake, and most importantly, he hides his friend in the closet. The girl arrives and they eat dinner. Later they're sitting on the couch, listening to some music and the girl starts touching herself. They start kissing..and you know the rest. They have sex and he strangles her. The usual.
This is where the episode turns into your typical strange Maggot Films video. Not gonna spoil it all but a penis is bitten off.

They use some quick shots and dark lightning when they show the gore in this one, and this is something that keep bugging me in their films. I know they can make good gore, so they should just show it!

Overall, this is a fun show, but I think that they should try to create a 30 to 40 min long episode, that features several silly short videos. More comedy from Maggot Films, please!

Positive things:
- Silly!
- Fun idea.
Negative things:
- Way too short episodes.
- Hides some of the gore in the second episode.

Episode 1:
Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 0/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 4/5

Episode 2:
Gore: 1.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 3/5

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