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Title: Mai Lin vs. Serena

Also known as:

Year: 1982

Genre: Adult / Comedy

Language: English

Runtime: 79 min

Director: Carlos Tobalina

Writer: N/A


Porn stars Mai Lin and Serena are fighting to get a role in Carlos Tobalina's upcoming movie, but he can't decide between the two. He puts them through a sexual challenge to see who is the best candidate. The porn stars venture out to find people to have some crazy sex with.

Our thoughts:
Vinegar Syndrome presents a set of two movies by pornographer Carlos Tobalina, both starring porn star Mai Lin. This will be the only movie of the two that I review, as I personally don't have anything to say about "Oriental Hawaii" that I don't get to say in this one.

Carlos Tobalina plays himself - a dirty pornographer who is looking for a leading lady for his new movie. He can't decide between porn stars Mai Lin and Serena, and suggest that they challenge each other in a sexual contest for the part. They're sent out to find people to have sex with, to help him decide.

The only problem is that there is no way for him to know who actually won, since he wasn't in any of the fucking scenes where they had sex! It's no surprise that, at the end of the movie, he declares a tie since he has no way to compare. What a waste for these young ladies, huh!? But yeah, this movie doesn't have a plot. I mean... it does, they've added the phony "sex challenge", but between the beginning and end of the movie there is no talk at all about the movie in question. Sure, they try to have as much sex as possible, but I'm willing to bet they added the "win for a part" after the fact.

Carlos Tobalina has made a ton of porn, most of them under the pseudonym "Troy Benny", and this is not an exception. Far from an expert, this is my very first experience with his work, and I can already say that his films pack horrible dialogue like there's no tomorrow, but he seems to be a better pornographer than someone like Anthony Spinelli - meaning that you can actually see what's going on, the shots are made to focus on the penetrations and whatever else is going on. "Mai Lin vs. Serena" is all about group sex, so the camera man sure was busy on the filming on this, running between sexual partners.

The worst actor in this movie is actually Carlos Tobalina himself. Every scene starring him is extremely forced, which makes it funny to watch. To be fair, the entire movie has such horrible dialogue, even for porn, that I greatly enjoyed watching "Mai Lin vs. Serena". It was so absurdly retarded. Not to mention the last big bang before they know who gets the part, where they have sex with "a hundred men" (it's not a hundred...) and it ends with the two girls in a tub, soaked in cum. In one shot where the bottom of the tub is literally filled with cum, I am willing to bed it was actually egg white. It was a long and truly disgusting scene, but also made me laugh.

What can I say about Carlos Tobalina's work after "Mai Lin vs. Serena" and "Oriental Hawaii" (also starring Mai Lin)? They have laughable acting and dialogue, he has no issues with going too far (whether it's a tub of cum or incest), and his sex scenes are not too bad from a purely technical standpoint. If you decide to pick up this adult film set from Vinegar Syndrome, you can definitely expect entertainment from "Mai Lin vs. Serena".

Positive things:
- Horrible acting and dialogue, and over-the-top situations, makes it entertaining.
- A more entertaining porno than "Oriental Hawaii".
- Carlos Tobalina seems to be a decent pornographer, outside of the acting and the stories.
- The tub scene was ridiculous.

Negative things:
- Carlos Tobalina is a horrible actor.
- A few too many people in the same sex scenes.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 5/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 3/5

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