Title: Maskhead

Also known as:

Year: 2009

Genre: Horror / Extreme / Independent

Language: English

Runtime: 88 min

Director: Scott Swan & Fred Vogel

Writer: Scott Swan & Fred Vogel

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1522157/

The two lesbian chicks Syl and Maddie runs a pornography production company and are in the middle of making their "Maskhead" series; a series of porn where the actors don't make it out alive.

Our thoughts:
The sixth movie from the infamous film production company Toetag Pictures, known from their "August Underground" series, is "Maskhead". Like always they have kept as much of the movie as they could in shadows before releasing it. This is something I'm personally a huge fan of, it keeps interest and mystery high, let-downs at a minimum and promotional hype at zero. All there was for this film was a few promo shots and a trailer that didn't show too much of what the film has to offer. What made this film seem even more interesting than their last couple of releases is that a brand new director was tied to it all. Scott Swan, co-writer of John Carpenter's "Masters of Horror" episodes. Yes, this was indeed something that made me even more interested in the film.

Showing us a little bit of what we can expect, the movie starts off with a close-to-naked chick strapped on a table in an old factory-like building. Then we're taken away from that scene only to get to know the two lesbian characters Syl and Maddie. We follow them around in the production of their "Maskhead" series. Everything from showing us the commercials they use to get actors, and to watch the audition tapes. And then it happens, we get to see what their films really are about. Murder. And did we really want anything else? Certainly not. Besides seeing the "Maskhead" films being made, we get to follow The Cowboy, a friend to Syl and Maddie, who's back in town. He picks up girls and even men, only for them to end up as stars in "Maskhead".

We have a bunch of gruesome scenes, most aren't gruesome enough to keep people away though, but this is where the sex-related scenes might make some people think "Okay, I don't want to watch this..". While not graphic sex, we still have fisting, sex with a transsexual, and just out-right disgusting dialogue. With this I mean that Christians should stay away.

However, with the entire film being based around pornography, I was really expecting alot more nudity. We have a few tits here and there, but it's not "enough". We obviously want a film like this to be as dirty as it possibly could, and I didn't really feel it was, much because of the lack of nudity. Graphic sex I don't need, but girls I do need. The final scene packs a bit of a punch as far as nudity goes though.

And that obviously takes me to the Toetag specialities; gore, blood, wounds, special effects, you name it. Jerami Cruise is a master of this art, we all know it by now. The quality of the effects aren't something I'm gonna bring up. Instead I would want to comment on amount and what the film has to offer. To me there was two scenes that stood out, one features cutting up the arms of a girl who's tied and arms are wrapped in plastic. It's a messy shot, and I love it. The second scene that really stood out is the final scene. I don't wanna ruin this for anyone, but one thing I would want to say is that while this scene definitely was gruesome, I honestly thought "Wait, was that it?" when the credits started. I thought the scene would go on alot longer, and that the woman would've been terrorized and tortured in.. you know.. more ways. I was left with wanting more. This isn't to say that I don't love what's going on though, because I do.

That part is also something that affected much of the viewing experience for me. Toetag has balls, we know that, and this film slowly gave us gorier and gorier scenes, most of them that felt like they were merely teasing us, and I kinda expected a HUGE bang at the end, something that would really be hard to get through, but it didn't. A movie should never be made just to shock or disgust, but this film was set up for a really extreme finale, it just only gave us part of that. Editing might not have been the best it could and at times I wasn't pleased with the look of the film, but at the same time in a film like this it needs to look a bit like the film did. But overall it was a decent watch and it's not a bad directorial debut for Scott Swan. I hope to see more films directed by this very nice man.

Also, like all you other Twittereres (Twits? Twats?), Film Bizarro can be found in the end credits as "filmbizarro Ronny Carlsson". Woop!

Positive things:
- Great looking gore.
- Maskhead looks pretty messed up.
- The finale.
- Even though Toetag should step a bit longer away from films like these (snuff-related), I still like the story, and it's still something they haven't done before.
Negative things:
- The finale. I love it, but it just needed to be longer and.. more.
- More nudity please!
- Something about the look and editing took some out of the experience for me. I think I might have wanted it more artistic in the way it looked. Or actually, just a different filtering would've worked really well too I think.

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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