Title: La Matanza Caníbal de los Garrulos Lisérgicos

Also known as:
Cannibal Massacre
Massacre of the Cannibal Acid Fiends (bootleg title)

Year: 1993

Genre: Horror / Comedy

Language: Spanish

Runtime: 77 min

Director: Antonio Blanco, Ricardo Llovo

Writer: Antonio Blanco

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0185472/

A group of friends driving through Spain's countryside find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere. The kids walk to find help which they think they find at a secluded home but the family that lives within the walls of the small farm house are psychotic cannibals.

Our thoughts:
It's always interesting when you look at trends and see what has taken off in comparison to what hasn't especially when there is a strong correlation between the two. For example: German splatter movies are huge -- a majority of horror fans have at least Schnaas or Ittenbach in their collection. And now a lot of people are getting behind these goddamn awful (excluding "Meatball Machine") Japanese splatter movies which are in the same vein as the German videos. Yet, Spain has actually produced their fair share of low-budget underground gore films but none of them are very popular or well known. Again, let's look at "The German Chainsaw Massacre": a comedic parody of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" that was sought after during the tape-trading days and has continued to grow in terms of popularity. Yet "La Matanza Caníbal de los Garrulos Lisérgicos", a comedic parody of "TCM" from Spain, remains relatively unheard of.

"La Matanza Caníbal de los Garrulos Lisérgicos" is about a group of friends who are out for a car ride but, as horror-fate would have it, their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. They stumble onto a small farming family and ask to use their phone and naturally the family is revealed to be cannibals and they take to killing and eating the teens. At least I assume they're teens.

Not much there in terms of story but what makes "La Matanza Caníbal de los Garrulos Lisérgicos" different and what confuses me as to why it didn't take off like the "Violent Shit" movies or "The German Chainsaw Massacre" is that the movie is completely whacky. I mean this is some Spanish-bat shit crazy underground cinema. It's demented enough that it has the family members taking a baby and cracking its head open so they can stick a straw in the brains and drink it like a milkshake. Yeah, suck it dentist scene from "Bloodsucking Freaks". It's also ridiculous enough that the "father" gives one of the teens a cigar and when they light it up; it blows up in the young girl's face ala Looney Toons (which happens to be playing in the background). Certainly this isn't a type of movie to shock or gross anybody out, even the most squeamish of viewers, because it's such a silly little movie. Then again the same could be said about the "Violent Shit" movies.

Instead it's one of those perfect party movies; one of those movies that people put on in the background or one people watch and get shitfaced too with a large group. It's just that kind of fun movie -- it's looking to be entertaining above all else. Even though that's what "La Matanza Caníbal de los Garrulos Lisérgicos" ultimate goal is, the movie is actually still pretty decent in comparison to say something like "Das Komabrutale Duell" and it was made seven years prior. The effects are cheesy yet still manage to be decent, sans the baby, (I'm sure the Savini fanboys will be scoffing at this) but again that's in comparison to movies that are of the same caliber. Some more blood could have been used in the movie because, after all, if you're going to be over-the-top you might as well go all out.

Even though it lacks the amount of splatter that we're use to or that you would hope for, I still dug the vibe the movie was going for. It's a love letter to "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" done right: it's ridiculous without being too stupid, it's entertaining as hell, and it moves at a quick pace. The movie doesn't bullshit you -- it knows what it is and just keeps the gags going instead of wasting time on trying to be a "serious" horror movie so the already brief runtime just flies by. My buddy Tony, a Spaniard himself, warned me that I would probably miss a lot of the jokes because a number of them are about the area which the movie was made. I have no doubt that's very true since that's true for most foreign movies for Americans (I'm sure American movies don't have that problem since ours are borderline retarded.) but it was still stupid-fun and amusing none the less. It surprises me that "La Matanza Caníbal de los Garrulos Lisérgicos" never took off like it's German counterparts because it has all the right moves to entertain just about anybody who enjoys ludicrous no-budget schlocky trash. This movie needs to be loved. Won't you love this movie?

Positive things:
- Ridiculous but hella fun and entertaining.
- A crane shot? It maybe a cheap no-budget underground movie but they clearly put some effort into it.

Negative things:
- Only subtitled copy that exists is a fansubbed copy.
There doesn't seem to be an actual release and since Antonio Blanco passed away the following year, I doubt we will ever see one. Which is a shame.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 2.5/5

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