Title: Mommy Is Coming

Also known as:

Year: 2012

Genre: Comedy / Sexploitation / Arthouse

Runtime: 64 min

Director: Cheryl Dunye

Writer: Sarah Schulman, Cheryl Dunye

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2170509/

After their sexual rendezvous in the back of a cab, Dylan and Claudia find themselves at odds as to where their relationship stands. Dylan is not looking for anything deep and is only looking to fulfill her sexual desires while Claudia wants something more than that. Soon the two part ways; Dylan goes off to find her next sexual conquest while Claudia finds herself heading into the wild sex clubs of Berlin in hopes of discovering what it is she needs and wants. Things become more complicated for the couple when Dylan's mother arrives at Claudia's place of work.

Our thoughts:
You remember that "South Park" episode where the independent film festival came to town and Cartman makes the comment, "They're always about gay cowboys eating pudding." It's a line that's not only funny because of "Brokeback Mountain" but because there's a lot of truth to the statement. Not so much that all movies are about gay cowboys and pudding (even though they are) but because people believe that certain types of movies are all the same without having seen those movies that they're specifically stereotyping. It's an annoying thing you have to deal with as a movie nerd but then there is always the one movie that comes along and justifies the stereotype. As a result, makes all of your arguments and debates you've had with that kind of stupidity null and void. It's the type of movie that makes you just want to say, "Oh, fuck you!" to the filmmaker. "Mommy Is Coming" is that movie.

"Mommy Is Coming" is about a young woman named Dylan who is currently living in Berlin and enjoying a sexually charged relationship with Claudia. Even going so far as to stage a very rough encounter in the back of a taxi cab that includes using a pistol as a sex toy. This is working very well for Dylan but not so much for Claudia as she wants more in the relationship than mere sexual gratification. A tiff ensues and Dylan decides to leave Claudia so she can continue to pursue a life of meaningless sex while Claudia tries to get in touch with her more wild side in order to be the partner Dylan wants. Soon Claudia is exploring the wild and kinky underground sex world of Berlin and as if that's not enough, Dylan's mother comes to town and ends up staying at the hotel Claudia works at. Shenanigans ensue. 

I bought "Mommy Is Coming" on a whim; the trailer was wild and there were plenty of promises made by reviews that it was a 'subversive comedy'. The fact that movie was willing to be so bold as to throw in non-simulated sex into the movie also made it rather intriguing. Now after having finally watched it, I'm filled with regret and absolute annoyance with the movie and myself for being stupid enough to be duped by cheap sales tactics and filmmaking gimmicks. "Mommy Is Coming" is essentially a LGBT-arthouse (and I use the word arthouse very loosely) film that parodies typical relationship-romantic comedies. It replaces the white heterosexuals with an interracial gay couple and by having the leather-bound underground sex community of Berlin (with lesbians specifically) as a backdrop instead of the usual suburban family. But that's not all! "Mommy Is Coming" pushes the boundaries and defies conformity by adding…wait for it…interviews from the cast about their roles in the movie about sex. 

Yes, "Mommy Is Coming" wants to get all up in your shit, as they say, by showing real sex and feature interviews of the people who are in the movie that you're currently watching! Because, you know, that's so edgy and cool. If you've never seen an independent or an arthouse movie before, that is (check out Ingmar Bergman's "En Passion" if you want to see this technique being done properly). "Mommy Is Coming" is a very basic and flat movie that believes itself to be far more clever than it actually is. I do not see how anyone would find this funny. Not even with the folks of the LGBT community. There isn't a "cultural difference" here; the comedy is suppose to come from the whacky situations and the snappy dialogue, but it's all flat. There are no jokes, there are no punchlines and the dialogue works but it's hardly clever or witty. It's a one-dimensional movie that's very dry and could only possibly appeal to those who are easily amused. 

There's nothing bold here. There is nothing edgy, clever or subversive about it. "Mommy Is Coming" essentially plays to the stereotypes that exist from people who have no idea what arthouse films have to offer or gay cinema. Granted, the movie tries to have fun and isn't quite as pretentious as others but the movie does feel quite smug from the self-importance it carries from it believing that it is doing something special. To me, "Mommy Is Coming" is a movie that I would expect to come from someone who was making a first time feature, with an influence from John Waters and had connections to non-actors who were willing to do anything in front of the camera. "Mommy Is Coming" is trying to have fun and be playful with the subject but the whole movie felt like a child running around screaming, "Look what I can do!

Considering that this movie is coming from Cheryl Dunye, a woman who has been making films for over 20 years, I would have expected something not as juvenile. The idea for "Mommy Is Coming" isn't bad but the actual movie itself doesn't work. It doesn't actually have any comedy in it. The movie simply says, "Oh look at these people and the situation they find themselves in! Isn't it hilarious?! Watch out for my big twist ending that you'll never see coming, it's to die for!" And the movie wants to push boundaries and be confrontational with the audience but again, it offers nothing. It wants to be far more than it is. About the only compliment I can give the movie is that the people were staring in it were clearly having fun which is more than what can be said for the audience.

Positive things:
- The cast was clearly having fun. And I'm not referring to the sexual antics.

Negative things:
- The movie doesn't know what it wants to do with itself. It wants to be silly but also wants to say something but fails at both.
- The comedy fell flat.
- Bad writing and a bad attempt at witty dialogue.

- Seemed like it wanted to provoke the audience in some way with the sex. Maybe not shock but trying to push buttons and boundaries.
- It's just not an enjoyable movie in any form.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 5/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 1/5

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