Title: Mondo Freudo

Also known as:
Sensuous Taboo

Year: 1966

Genre: Mondo / Documentary / Sexploitation

Language: English

Runtime: 76 min

Director: Lee Frost

Writer: N/A

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0063321/

You've seen the bizarre side of the world, now come and see the sexual side, as the same film crew that brought you "Mondo Bizarro" brings you "Mondo Freudo". A shocking mondo film that goes out to prove Sigmund Freud's theories on people and their sexual drives. We visit the classic American strip bars and tease shows, and then we go to Britain where they give us their version of strip and burlesque shows. Not to mention the crew pays a visit to two local lesbian prostitutes, where if you've got the money, they'll be more than happy to put on a private show. The darker side of sex is also explored, where in Japan at an S&M bar, two women are tied up then proceed to be whipped, clawed and beaten. A Satanic ritual in New York, where the members of a cult use sex to call upon Satan, and in Tijuana where young girls are sold by their families into prostitution.

Our thoughts:
"Mondo Freudo will disgust you. It will shock you. It will excite you."

Claims made in the original trailer for "Mondo Freudo", and quite frankly, it didn't accomplish any of the above. Well, maybe it'll excite some. The second movie in the Something Weird's mondo-double feature is "Mondo Freudo", a movie that was made by the same people who did "Mondo Bizarro". Not only that but it features the same people that were in Bizarro, and it was made in the same year. So it would not surprise me at all if they shot both movies simultaneously, or just had left over footage and made a second movie out of it. While "Mondo Bizarro" was designed to show us the wild and unusual world we live in, "Mondo Freudo" is meant to show the correlation’s between the psychosexual theories of Sigmund Freud and the modern world. Well, the modern world in 1966.

As I mentioned, "Mondo Bizarro" didn't really focus on one thing in particular, rather than just unusual things for that time. "Mondo Freudo" focuses strictly on sexual related segments; going from strip clubs, to burlesque shows, bordellos, even going back to a slave-trade style auction. This time in Tijuana, Mexico. Supposedly anyway. The fact that you only see a cinder block wall in the background of where young girls are being bought for prostitution. While it's suppose to be going down in Tijuana, for all we know it could be behind some strip mall in California.

"So what you're trying to say is that Mondo Freudo is fake too?"

Yes, unfortunately I am. Although this time around, the segments seem to be a lot more noticeably faked. Since a majority of the segments all take place in doors, and it looks like the same location each time, with different set dressings. For the American and British segments, they just switch the stage around, along with the tables and bring in some different people to fill in the crowd. For the Japanese segments, naturally they put up bamboo along with Shoji style screens. For the clever Germany location, they plaster the wall with foreign film posters. No matter what they do though, it always looks like the exact same, small, crowded little bar.

Regardless of the obvious fake locations, if anybody was disappointed by the lack of nudity in Bizarro, it has been made up for in Freudo. There aren't any large sexual moments in the movie, as the closest you get with that is from watching a couple make out on the beach. The majority of the footage features stripping and teasing. Even when the segments aren't necessarily about strip bars, the footage resembles such. A satanic ritual soon becomes the focus of a strip show, as the female cult leader dances around and removes articles of clothing. A bordello in Mexico shows different women coming on stage and stripping, never really showing any acts of prostitution.

I could break these down into individual segments like I did in the review for "Mondo Bizarro", but that's all Freudo really consists of. It bounces from one location to another, in different parts of the world (supposedly), and we watch as average looking woman proceed to strip. Now the movie doesn't go full frontal, so we get to see lots of boobs and ass but nothing more. There are some non-stripping moments that include: the nightlife on the Hollywood Sunset Strip, mud wrestling in Germany, music clubs for the young adults, or my personal favorite, nude painting. Where a club run by two supposed artists, use the bodies of female models as a canvas for their hilariously bad modern-art, or use the bodies of the ladies as a paintbrush. Covering their breasts in a series of colors, then mashing a white board against it to create art. Or what’s supposed to be art.

There really isn't much to review in "Mondo Freudo". While it's suppose to be study of the then current trends of sexuality in culture, and the relation to Freud's theories of human beings sexual desires. It takes a back seat to scene after scene, of women getting naked. As I mentioned earlier; the movie doesn't even show full frontal on these ladies, so even then, the supposed sexuality never goes beyond showing a variety of naked female bodies. About the only time the movie mentions the psychological aspects of our sexual nature and desires, is through the narrator. While the faked footage is much more obvious this time around, "Mondo Freudo" isn't really as amusing as Bizarro was. Freudo does have its moments, such as the one with the artists. Or the Japanese S&M club where two women are beat and whipped that looks so ridiculous; it'll have you rolling on the floor. Once again, this isn't a movie I would openly recommend but if you are interested in seeing "Mondo Bizarro" then I'd say you should see this too, since if you like one then you'll like the other. If not, then there is at least plenty of nudity that will keep you entertained for the duration of the movie.

Positive things:
- Has some amusing moments.
- Interviewing a British lesbian-prostitute who doesn't even have an accent. Priceless.
- The ridiculously thick blood that's used during the satanic ritual.
- The commentary track, once again provided by Johnny Legend and Eric Cadini.
Negative things:
- Not quite as entertaining as "Mondo Bizarro" was.
- Some painfully-bad sequences.
- No cheap globe.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 0/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 2/5

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