Title: Mondo Sexxxx: The Terry Kobrah Story

Also known as:

Year: 2011

Genre: Comedy / Independent / Mockumentary

Language: English

Runtime: 78 min

Director: Logan Myers

Writer: N/A

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1860279/

The life and death of Terry Kobrah was quite the ride, from his strange, broken mask to his completely absurd sex shows. Through interviews and old footage we dig through exactly what kind of man Terry was.

Our thoughts:
Me and Preston decided to both watch this film, and whoever liked it the most would review it. I'm gonna be honest and say that I thought it was fairly weak but gave me a couple of good laughs. And that seems to be more than what it gave Preston, so I won.. or lost.. or whatever this battle was about again. But really, "Mondo Sexxxx: The Terry Kobrah Story" isn't a horrible film.

The story alone is just there to give some room for the comedy. We never really feel that we get much out of the story, it stands pretty still the entire time until eventually Terry is dead (not really a spoiler since again, plot doesn't matter). We have amusing interviews with our main interviewee, an ex-member of the little gang that Terry had created, and some extremely weird interviews with Terry himself. Between those two they fill it up with home video footage of sex shows that they put on, as well as what they do between the shows. But it's fine, it's a mockumentary and I guess you can't expect too much story out of that - but here everything just gets old. That said, the comedy...

...is pretty damn funny at times. Some moments really just hit home for me. The comedy is really quirky and stupid, especially the interview scenes (which were the ones that made me laugh the most) but they made me laugh a few times all the same. It's not really my type of film, I kinda think these sort of silly independent comedy/horror films like "The Taint" and "Isle of the Damned" take what Troma does but never really reach where they did. Troma films are stupid, sure, but there is something behind all that (I'm looking at the films by Lloyd Kaufman here) that makes the jokes work so well. They're really planned out. I would categorize "Mondo Sexxxx: The Terry Kobrah Story" with the ones that try to be like Troma, but fail. That said, it's the funniest of the titles I mentioned, no doubt. The fact that it's leaning towards mocking the extreme torture films make it all the more fun to me. Above all, the comedy is less flamboyant here than in "The Taint" and "Isle", and that wins a few extra points.

I would say that this film is worth checking out if you just want a stupid what-the-fuck moment with some laughs. I think maybe with some friends this could be great fun. But the movie doesn't stretch far enough to become a classic. It lacks that extra love behind the jokes, and half way through the movie you've seen basicly all it has to offer. I'm sure that the team behind this could cook up something hilarious in the future as they managed to tickle my spot at times with their odd comedy, but at the very least they can be happy that they made a much better movie that both "The Taint" and "Isle of the Damned", two movies that seem fairly popular in certain circles. I'm sure this film can find its audience when it's released.

Positive things:
- Some absurd jokes that were really funny.
- Compared to all other silly independent comedy/horror we've seen lately, this one has a pretty new approach.
Negative things:
- Doesn't offer much more than a few laughs.
- You only need to watch half the movie to get enough.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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