Title: Mördaren

Also known as:
Mördaren - En helt vanlig person (Full title)
The Killer (English title)

Year: 1967

Genre: Thriller / Mystery / Comedy

Language: Swedish

Runtime: 96 min

Director: Arne Mattsson

Writer: Arne Mattsson & Maj Sjöwall

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0062023/

Passengers spend the night on a train when a woman is pushed out of the train. A witness to the murder pulls the emergency breaks and it causes the train to break down, and they have to wait for someone to come and repair it. Luckily they're a walking distance away from the nearest station. Some people think of the woman jumped herself, but eventually they are get paranoid and start to investigate on their own.

Our thoughts:
Rickard from Klubb Super 8 was kind enough to give me this to review last time I met him and I had totally forgotten about it until now that I sorted my DVD collection and put all "Klubb Super 8" DVDs together. I knew I didn't want to miss this one since I was so impressed by Arne Mattsson's "Vaxdockan", and this gave off a similar vibe from the cover. I know he has made a lot of films that aren't of interest to me in any way, but I have decided now that I want to watch as many of his thrillers I can.

This early Swedish "whodunit" is just as much a comedy as it is a thriller, and that's probably what I enjoyed the most about it. It has a plot we've seen a million times, but I don't think that it was common in the 60's Sweden or before that so it was very interesting to watch. A murder occurs on a train (people aren't sure) one night and it causes the witness to pull the emergency breaks. The train breaks down and they have to wait for a repairman. The majority of the movie is just spent on these characters being themselves and that's actually enough. We don't have any more "thrills" until the ending and I think that's good, it makes it a unique experience. The characters are all over the place: a doofus, a rich bastard, a soldier (of sorts), the respectable conductor, ex-mental patient, and so on.

The ending was a pleasure to watch as it's a twist we see all the time nowadays, but I imagine it being pretty ground-breaking for its time (especially in this country). And it actually works. I mean, I didn't bother to break the movie into tiny pieces to inspect it all, but upon watching it I really felt it made sense, and it was actually pulled off rather nicely. A smooth transition. I won't go into the twist, but I'm sure you've guessed it right about now.

The entertaining story, the interesting characters, the comedic dialogue and the twist ending aren't what made me like this film as much as I did though. There is one specific thing that made this a great watch - the acting of Allan Edwall. He's one of the Swedish actors every Swede knows of, but I have never really cared for him. But in "Mördaren" he is simply fantastic. His acting is subtle and intense at the same time and hadn't it been for him this film could've been a lot worse. There are some other big names in this as well, like Heinz Hopf and Björn Gustafson. Heinz Hopf plays a drugged homosexual, and he also narrates the film.

"Mördaren" is yet another lost Swedish movie I didn't know of, and soon I can no longer say Swedish movies suck. Well, the modern ones actually do, and the TV dramas I've seen through my entire life still bore me to death. But there are just so many good ones to find that I don't mind going through some dung to find them. Klubb Super 8 have done me a favor once again! A highly recommended thriller that might not be that original now, but it's still a pleasure to watch.

Positive things:
- Intriguing but still fun.
- Allan Edwall is superb.
- I liked the twist!
Negative things:
- I enjoyed the movie more when it was set on the train instead of the train station.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 1/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 2/5

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