Title: My Best Day

Also known as:

Year: 2012

Genre: Independent / Comedy / Drama

Language: English

Runtime: 75 min

Director: Erin Greenwell

Writer: Erin Greenwell

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1990422/

Stuck working on the 4th of July, Karen gets an unexpected phone call from a man who could be her estranged father looking for repair work on his refrigerator. Wanting to find out who the man is, Karen enlists the help of her friend Meagan to pose as the repairperson so Karen can do some snooping. When Karen arrives though, she finds out more than she expected and this one service call ends up changing the lives of a group of people in a small quiet town.

Our thoughts:
That's right kids, Film Bizarro has sold out! Nothing but comedies and dramas from here on out! Nah, I'm only foolin'. Had you goin' though, didn't I? Just admit it, you'll feel better. Anyway, we are expanding our horizons a bit more (why limit yourself?) and when we were offered a screener for the independent comedy "My Best Day", and I figured why not. "My Best Day" is the latest feature film from known-editor Erin Greenwell that's about some unusual characters in a small town on the 4th of July and what results in a better than expected slice-of-life comedy.

"My Best Day" is about Karen, a young woman who is stuck working her receptionist job on the 4th July but then she receives a surprising phone call: her estranged father puts in a work order to have his refrigerator fixed. Since the only other person working in her office just quit, Karen enlists the help of her friend Meagan to pose as the repair person so Karen can investigate the home of her long-lost father. This one phone call leads Karen on a life changing journey as she ends up meeting her half-sister, a half-brother and Eugene; an intriguing character who, supposedly, is couch surfing at her Dad's place. While they live in a small town, today is certainly not a quiet day for Karen.

I know the "quirky characters in a small town" angle has been done to death and "My Best Day" doesn't really offer anything new in that department. All the same though, the movie was still highly enjoyable since it's far more subtle in its characters and humors in comparison to its peers. I grew up in small towns my whole life -- the type of places where if you asked someone for "meatless meat" people would just stare at you like you had asked them to solve the mysteries of the universe. That's what I liked about "My Best Day"; it's not necessarily out for realism but at the same time it doesn't portray as things being over-the-top and presenting a place or people that are unbelievable.

Because the concept is sort of a been-there-done-that type, the movie has to rely on the characters and the humor. The characters are solid; as I said, they are a believable small-town kind of weird. Maybe not so much as weird but…quirky. Each character is memorable and are they type that you do or would know in life. That in turn helps the comedy in the movie a great deal. I can't say that "My Best Day" had me laughing out loud, outside some key parts of dialogue, but it was still a fun movie that had a good and light nature to it. While it won't have you guffawing, the humor is still on point and helps to keep the movie going.

There isn't much else to "My Best Day", really. (not that there needs to be anything else) Like I said, it's an easy going slice-of-life type of a movie so I can't say much more. Certainly the nature of the movie will have differing impacts on each viewer and how relatable they are able to find the characters. In general though, it's really about how a character tries to reconnect with her past and the unexpected consequences of her attempt. It's a very light, fun and enjoyable movie that makes for a nice casual viewing, like "Kenneth" or "Neato Mosquito".

Positive things:
- Captures the feel of a small town.
- Good characters.
- Fun and has some genuinely funny moments.
Negative things:
- Some of the acting isn't always the best.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 2.5/5

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