Title: My Brother Has Bad Dreams

Also known as:
Scream Bloody Murder

Year: 1972

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Language: English

Runtime: 100 min

Director: Robert J. Emery

Writer: Robert J. Emery

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069238/

Something bad happened to Karl. When Karl was a child he witnessed the brutal murder of his mother at the hands of his father. It's now the present and Karl is in his twenty's but his mind remains in a child-like state, and is not only plagued by horrible nightmares but still isn't willing to accept his mother's death. Afraid that doctors will lock her brother away, Emma struggles to take care of Karl with his problems, while wanting a normal life. Things reach a boiling point when Karl believes his new found friend Tony, threatens to tear apart his deranged-happy home.

Our thoughts:
While I often prefer to read reviews after I've seen a movie, since it will help avoid having any preconceived notions about a movie, and usually result in a better viewing experience from the lack of expectations. There are times though when I wish I would read areview or two before hand to prepare me for the worst when it comes to bad movies. Then again, when you're getting into obscure movies, even if you want reviews, they're aren't many to be found. Either way, I just wish I had been a little bit prepared before going into "My Brother Has Bad Dreams", or if I had known what was going to be in this movie I would have put it on the back burner. Oh, did I say, "what was going to be in this movie?" That's pretty funny considering there is nothing to be found in "My Brother Has Bad Dreams". Nothing!

I can understand and appreciate when a director wants to do something different with their movie, when it has a plot that has been done before. Obviously there are a ton of movies out there that deal with a main character becoming mentally scared from a traumatic event that happened in their childhood. Usually after a few minutes of exposition, the main character takes up slashing up random victims. In "My Brother Has Bad Dreams", Robert Emery decides to turn the movie into a character study by focusing on Karl and Emma, siblings, who are trying to live normal lives after their father brutally murder their mother inside the home they still live in. Karl having witnessed it; was so damaged by the incident that while he is an adult, he has the mind of a child. So the movie focuses on this dysfunctional family and their bizarre homestead. Which is the entire movie. Karl progressively get worse, which naturally means he gets crazier as the movie goes on, and his sister struggles with trying to take care of him while avoiding any medical attention so he isn't taken away from her. Because these characters and they're situation is anything but normal, you can't really relate to anything that goes on. So there really isn't any sort of attachment to these characters, and there isn't even anything that occurs in the movie to make you really care as to what happens to them. The movie could end with Karl and Emma skipping down the yellow-brick road, and you still wouldn't care any more or less than you do with the way it actually ends. The problem is that it's just another horror movie that wants to be more than what it is, but isn't able to get there. Instead we are just given scene after scene of Karl being strange, getting worse, having nightmares about the past, and fighting with his sister. When that's what fills up the majority of the 90 minute runtime, all that does is leave you with an ungodly boring movie, and it really is boring.

There is about 20 minutes or so towards the end where Karl finally goes over the deep end, and goes on a killing spree where he kills a whopping three people. One of which is his mailman, who apparently has connections with the family, the movie even hints at it on more than one occasion, but it never full explains as to what that connection is. Even though Karl finally does something interesting and kills some people, the print of the movie that was released is so dark you don't even get to see it well enough to appreciate it. There are only two things that I can think of that made the movie actually worth watching. The first being a completely ridiculous scene of a cop car exploding after rolling over from a 4 foot hill (if that) on the beach. I mean I appreciate the effort of them putting something exciting in the movie, finally, but when it's that dumb it shouldn't be done. The second thing that made the movie worth watching is the ending. Now I don't want to spoil the ending, because it is something that needs to be seen to believe and no matter how hard I tried, no description would do it justice either. I'll just say it's something is so unbelievably stupid and absurd, that I think it makes it one of the greatest endings in the history of horror films. Other than that though, I cannot think of any reason worth wasting the time on this movie. With better writing, it could have been an interesting movie about strange characters being stuck in a strange situation, instead though, it's nothing more than a boring horror flick.

Positive things:
- The actor who plays as Karl does a decent job.
- Having a police car roll on it's hood from a 4 foot tall hill on the beach, and then having it explode, is damn good filmmaking skills. Even Michael Bay couldn't pull that off, even though he tries.
- Has an ending of epic proportions. Even though the rest of the movie isn't worth a damn, the ending is something that needs to be seen to believe.
Negative things:
- Probably one of the most boring horror movies I've seen in quite some time.
- Other than an exploding cop car and the ending, nothing happens in the movie.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 1/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 2/5

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