Title: My Day with TARNA

Also known as:
Mein Tag mit TARNA (Original title)

Year: 2012

Genre: Documentary / Adult / Independent

Language: German

Runtime: 40 min

Director: Chris Caliman

Writer: N/A


We get to follow the dominatrix Tarna during a day. We find out about her job through interviews and sessions with clients.

Our thoughts:
Early in the days of Film Bizarro, I reviewed a short documentary from a young man named Chris Caliman. This short film was a quite impressive one that I remember very well still (which is rarely the case with shorts). The film was "Thanatopraxie: Der Letzte Weg", and most of all I loved Caliman's cinematography rather than the subject (which has been done a few times). Now I had the chance to check out his latest documentary, which is a lot less artistic, but still offers everything you expect from a documentary.

In "My Day with TARNA", we get exactly what we expect. We follow her during a day, and what happens depends on how her day will look. To go into a documentary like this, hoping to discover the most unique documentary on the BDSM world, is quite silly. We know from the get-go that we'll follow one dominatrix during a day, and that's exactly what it is. If you're not interested, then you don't need to watch it.

Personally I think it works out rather well as a quick and to-the-point documentary, even though it's not sensational. It's smart of Chris Caliman to give it this title, because you know what you'll get. It's hard for me to say I dislike it because of that. I've watched a number of docu's on the subject and similar, and many of them make it seem like they want to unveil the secrets of the industry. They never do. Due to this I find myself constantly bored of most documentaries I watch.

"My Day with TARNA" is also a short one, just 40 minutes long. And because her day is as regular as it is, and with only one client, the runtime is great. Any longer and it would've been boring, but it's long enough for us to get to know Tarna a bit. Although I was more interested in seeing the client that they were gonna work with for 9 hours. That would've been rather interesting!

So who is Tarna? She's an ex-hairdresser who has partially carried her old profession into her new one. Now she's a dominatrix, but she also cuts hair on clients who want her to during sessions. But other than that she does the regular things, everything from simply dominating them, to golden showers and scat. She makes it clear that she never does anything that involved rough torture such as strangulation, or anything with dogs or children. I think Tarna is a pretty good representation of someone who is in that industry because she wants to, who respects herself and wants people around her to respect her. It's hard to get a deep look into her, but I think she seems like a nice person. Even in her dominatrix role.

"My Day with TARNA" is not for everyone. It's for the curious. It's nothing mindblowing, but considering the runtime it's not a waste of time. I am very curious to see what subject Chris Caliman will tackle next, and I hope it will bring in some of the artistic value that I saw in "Thanatopraxie" all those years ago.

Positive things:
- It is what it is. Read the title.
- Tarna seems pretty nice.
Negative things:
- It's nothing groundbreaking.
- Too bad we didn't get to see more sessions.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 1.5/5
Story: 0/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 1.5/5

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