Title: My Name Is Bruce

Also known as:

Year: 2007

Genre: Comedy / Horror

Language: English

Runtime: 86 min

Director: Bruce Campbell

Writer: Mark Verheiden

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0489235/

Cult actor and B-flick legend Bruce Campbell is filming a sequel to his movie "Cave Alien" and is sick of his ongoing stream of shitty movies and living in a trailer with his dog, Samandrob. Luckily for Bruce, a teenage punk accidently releases the Chinese god of war, Guan-Di, and kidnaps Bruce believing he's anything like in the movies. Now Bruce doesn't have to worry about shitty sequels anymore, only about getting his head chopped off.

Our thoughts:
Thank God that I finally got to see this film. I don't remember how long ago it was that I first heard about it, and now I've finally seen it. Bruce Campbell is one of my favorite actors, and since I know there's many of his fans visiting this site too, I know you've all been waiting just as much as I have! Having high expectations can really suck because the movie might not be able to live up to even half of them, and since this film has been hailed by everyone who's seen it on festivals, it's either gonna be a great ride, or so bad that you'll be cussin' through the whole thing because people have been lying.

The movie starts out with two teenagers in a car. One of them, the skater-looking guy, talks trash about the other guy's taste in films and his hero Bruce Campbell, and this situation spawns one of the best statements in any film, ever. "Bruce Campbell is the greatest actor of his generation!". Amen to that. The teenagers eventually arrive at a graveyard, and Jeff, the Bruce-fan of the two, gets away from his friend (and the girls they meet) and accidently removes a medallion from an old mineshaft. Very ordinary plot, up until the point when Bruce Campbell gets into the mix. The movie quickly turns into a full-blown comedy with unlikely events and one-liners that only Bruce can deliver the right way.

Anyone could enjoy the movie, but there is no doubt that this was made for the fans. There are references and lines from his films through the whole thing, and alot of brilliant jokes will get lost when someone who isn't a fan watch it. The movies that are brought up in this film aren't only famous hits like "Evil Dead", but also stuff like "Running Time" (in the form of a poster) and "Mindwarp". It's fun trying to spot as much as you can, even the obvious things like Ted Raimi and Ellen Sandweiss' (Cheryl from "Evil Dead") appearances. But like I said, even if you have no idea who this guy is, you'll probably be laughing all the way anyway.

I was disappointed with the amount of gore, but it has it's fair share. This might be the first time ever that I say that there could've been less decapitations in a movie. It doesn't annoy you at all, because Guan-Di is equipped with a weapon that's very suitable for decapitions. There is more gore than heads being chopped off, but this probably takes up about 80% of the scenes involving gore. We do have a chopped off hand on a breast though. But she's wearing clothes, so that's a bummer. But worse than low gore, there is no nudity in the flick at all. Not that I expected any, it's not that kind of a movie, but you can always be sad about nude-less films..right?

There isn't alot I can complain about here. It is exactly what I expected, but one side of my wanted more horror. The other, smarter side of me knew what it was from the beginning. My biggest complaint is, and has been since I first saw a picture, is the enemy they picked. As original as the idea is, I just don't like samurai-ish thingys. To quote my own notes from when I watched the films, "Ridiculously old and ugly samurai-ish cunt". That's a bit harsh, 'cause it only takes a second or two to get used to, but they should've made it cooler atleast. These are literally the only things I can use against it.

- What would Bruce Campbell do?
- Run away?

There is no way that this concept could've been pulled off any better, and it's all because of our beautiful Bruce Campbell. It's not the best movie in the world or anything, but it's perfect for being what it is. Fans of Bruce will enjoy this flick like hell, I can guarantee that.

Positive things:
- Bruce Campbell!
- One-liners sharper than a very, very sharp object.
- The two men playing country between some scenes. "Guan-You, Guan-Me, Guan-Di! Guan-Di is his name!"
- All the references to his other films are fun to look for.
- Cave Alien! The scene where he gets soaked in yellow blood is great.
- The Serving Sara jokes. "Why did I do Serving Sara? For the money, mouthbreather, why else?". I'm a sucker for Serving Sara, but that cracked me up.
- Ted Raimi... playing many roles!
- BC 5000 and the line that follows.
- Guan-Di was a pretty original plot for the film.
- Without spoiling anything; the happy ending was kickass.
Negative things:
- Guan-Di was a pretty ugly old ass.
- Jeff was a little gay in his goth-punky-pop-outfit.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 5/5

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