Title: Nature Morte

Also known as:

Year: 2006

Genre: Thriller / Horror

Language: English

Runtime: 89 min

Director: Paul Burrows

Writer: Paul Burrows

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0884803/

A cop and an art critic are set out to solve the mystery of murders that seem to be connected to a painter who recently passed away. Together they leave for Thailand because of a painting that has a striking resemblance to the work of this dead painter.

Our thoughts:
Have you ever found a movie that you never heard about before, and you read lots of good reviews on it, and you know you just have to see it? For some reason the film just hooked you in the second you read about it, and the bad reviews that you find just slip by you like if they never existed. "Nature Morte" was definitely like that for me. It had a cool plot, a great front cover, and people call it spooky, sexy, shocking, erotic and insane. This was a no-brainer, this film was gonna be great. It wasn't. Now, I'm not saying it was completely horrible, but it wasn't enough.

The whole thing starts out with a pretty wicked murder of a beautiful and naked girl, and I was still set on my thoughts that this film is gonna be one hell of a ride. After this murder, the film goes straight to becoming a mystery sort of thing, and I don't mind that at all, except when the entire investigation is a pile boring nonsense. All it really is after the first murder, and up until maybe the 70 minute mark, is a bunch of talking and doing drugs. The cop and the art critic leave for Thailand for whatever reason. It had something to do with a painting that looks like the ones painted by the dead artist. Somewhere in the mix they expected the dead painter to be the killer, but then he died, and then that new painting shows up and they go to the island where that painting originated from. This far I still cared about the film, but it didn't take long before they bugged the fuck out of me and I realized that this film is just a snoozefest. It still has it's shining moments, and like I said earlier, it becomes better after the 70 minute mark, because then we have a few scenes that I didn't mind. Three lesbian scenes in a row, anyone? They're not graphic though, a few boobies and butts here and there. But good enough to raise the bar a tiny bit. Toward the end we also have a few more murders and a little plot twist. I could care less if the film had the twist or not by this point, because I didn't care for the story, but it was still a little gay that it ended up being something supernatural.

The extremely small amount of wounds, gore and blood that we have in the beginning of the film is surprisingly well done compared to many of the other things we see. For example, none of the actors were good at dialogues, which made the long boring talk scenes seem as fun as a funeral for me. Not only that, but the film is extremely dark, I had to make sure no light entered my living room, since if it did, I wouldn't have been able to see. This is obviously not as bad the entire time, but enough to bug me.

When all is said and done, I guess that I should've listened to the overall rating on IMDb before buying it, and I got a little carried away reading the positive reviews. It's a pity when a film that starts out so good can go so wrong. It has a few interesting scenes, and the amount of breasties is fairly good. Maybe if you don't have the expectations I had, you'll like it.

Positive things:
- Starts off really good.
- Boobs.
- Lesbian scenes.
- Good gore.
- Final scene was alright.
Negative things:
- Not enough gore.
- Annoying actors.
- Too much talking.
- Not at all what the front cover promises. The front cover is taken from the first murder, which was the best scene in the film.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 2.5/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 0/5

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