Title: The Necro Files

Also known as:
Psycho Zombie Love Butcher

Year: 1997

Genre: Horror / Comedy / Sleaze

Language: English

Runtime: 65 min

Director: Matt Jaissle

Writer: Todd Tjersland

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0203726/

Two Seattle cops hunt down and eventually kill Logan, a sex crazed maniac. Some months later Satanic Cult Members, while conducting a sacrificial ritual over Logan’s grave, bring the now decomposing corpse back to life. After seeing off the Satanist, the zombie renews his reign of rape, mutilation and cannibalism.

Our thoughts:
With a plot like that you know that there is one thing that’s on the menu, cheese and plenty of it. Though the makers behind "The Necro Files" make the movie the way it should be, they let the absurdity of the material be the joke and aren't making a campy movie for the sake of being campy. On the same note, they also don’t take themselves to seriously. So when the Dollar Store baby doll that is sacrificed in the satanic ritual, which is obviously suppose to be a real baby(duh), comes back to life and starts "ripping" the throats out of people. It plays it as serious any straight horror movie would, instead of, oh look a flying baby lets have everyone act like they’re rejects from a forgotten "Three Stooges" or "Benny Hill" sketch and fill it with goofy sound effects.

For an obvious low budget affair the zombie make up and the gory death scenes which are usually followed by a bloody disembowelment. Are all surprisingly very well done and for the most part don’t have a cheesy look that you would expect. Sure there are moments where it’s not up to par with other scenes but with a movie like this there isn't much of a reason to fixate on the bad things.

All in all, worthy of a view or even better when you have friends and or family over for movie night and you are looking for something to shock, entertain and laugh at. Also I’d like to say while I’m not gay, the zombie has quite an impressive cock for a a rotting corpse.

Positive things:
- Not necessarily a movie I’d consider gory, but when it’s there it’s good.
- Plenty of nudity and sleaze to satisify the most perverted of hearts.
- Good humor without hamming it up too much.
- A flying zombie baby. What else needs to be said?
Negative things:
- There is only a PAL Region 2 DVD available.
- For the kind of movie this is, I really can't hold any of the negative aspects against it.

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 4/5

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