Title: Necrophile Passion

Also known as:

Year: 2013

Genre: Independent / Necrophilia / Extreme

Language: German

Runtime: 52 min

Director: Tom Heidenberg

Writer: Tom Heidenberg

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3009410/

Life is looking bleak for a newly dumped guy, but when he discovers a dead woman in the woods there's a new glare in his eyes.

Our thoughts:
Let's go straight into this corpse-humper of a film. It essentially starts out with the bare minimum required for a necrophilia flick - a man finding a nude woman in the woods, brings her home and has sex with her. By this point I expect to only get that, but then it slowly goes more into the past of our lead man. He's had a bad relationship and was dumped. When his life has reached its absolute lowest, he discovers this corpse which awakes a lust in him that was part of the recent his girlfriend left him. Love yet again strikes, but perhaps the two are a bit too similar for both to be alive by the end of it?

I'm not a fan of the poor old film filtering used in the flashbacks, and many of the early flashbacks seem pointless to me. It seems like the actor, Guenther Brandl, was more capable enough to build a back story with his stares than they were with filming it. I'll give the actor respect for that.

Certain scenes of a woman having sex with a very rotten corpse will remind people of "Nekromantik" in more than one way. This essentially is just a scene of a woman riding a corpse while music is playing. Obviously focusing extra on this as it shows everything people would want out of this movie: nude woman riding a rotten corpse. It doesn't necessarily make it a better movie in my book, and unfortunately decisions such as these seem to be very present in almost all necrophile movies. I guess it's hard to find a way to balance it, since they'll either show too little or show it all (the latter meaning they'll be labelled extreme - a very popular subgenre amongst our readers).

A few more tricks with the camera/editing and maybe going for more subtle music and "Necrophile Passion" could have been pretty disturbing. I think it succeeds over some of the other necrophilia films (usually shorts) I have seen in that the lead actor actually portrays something with his expressions. There are several scenes that work in a dark-drama-sort-of-way, but it more often than not goes back to being the low budget extreme fest pushing things as far as possible. For some, that's exactly what they want - personally I will continue trying to find the perfect middle ground.

"Necrophile Passion" is definitely better than some of the German/Austrian junk out there, where titles like "Ostermontag" should be buried and forgotten about. "Necrophile Passion" is not a waste, it has a few juicy moments for the trash/extreme fans. This one could be placed next to titles like "Rotten Romance" and "Gorotica", but it has a long way reaching the status of "Nekromantik" (though the fact that "Nekromantik" was made in the 80's means that it might never be beaten) or even something like "A Wonderful Love". The latter which portrays it in a much more fine/artistic manner. A large part of our readers here will love everything "Necrophile Passion" has to offer, and the rest will walk away knowing they have seen something like it before. The movie delivers what it promises, and goes a long way with the material, but falls into similar traps as previous necrophilia/extreme attempts. It's always a joy to see that people are still trying to push things far, but it's apparent that almost everything has been done multiple times by now, and thus making it harder to stand out.

Tom Heidenberg is making it clear what he wants with "Necrophile Passion", and I am confident in saying that it's a name that we'll hear more of in this community. It's extreme, trashy and very indie - there will always be an audience for these movies. Tom Heidenberg is already showing more promise in his work than some of the newer movies by people like Andreas Schnaas, Timo Rose and the likes (though they still have some of their charm, and probably has him beat on a technical level. Sometimes). I've personally come to be more picky with what extreme movies work for me, and few actually do work. "Necrophile Passion" is better than it could have been, but it'd be a stretch to call myself a fan. I'm glad the movie actually works with a plot, that's more than some. I doubt it will shock you, but it delivers the naughtiness promised, and you can decide for yourself if that's enough or not.

Positive things:
- It delivers the necrophilia bit.
- The lead actor, Guenther Brandl, actually does well in the role.
- Though not the greatest, there IS a story brewing.
- Better than some of the other necrophilia shorts, and definitely better than some German/Austrian trash out there.
Negative things:
- It does fall into the same traps as most necro/extreme flicks, by having more to show than tell.
- Some of the extreme scenes go on for so long that they end up not working as well.
- The soundtrack and editing could have probably been done differently to make it a darker experience.

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 3.5/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 1/5

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