Title: Night Of A 1000 Cats

Also known as:
Blood Feast
The Night of a Thousand Cats (USA)
Noche de los mil gatos, La

Year: 1972

Genre: Thriller

Language: English

Runtime: 93 min / 84 min (Netherlands) / 63 min (USA)

Director: René Cardona Jr.

Writer: René Cardona Jr. & Mario Zacarias

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069018/

Hugo is a rich player who bring girls home to his huge home using his helicopter. What these women don't know is that by the end of the evening, they'll be grinded and fed to his cats, and that they'll be a part of his "severed head in jars"-collection.

Our thoughts:
I should start by saying that I saw the short 63 minute version of this Mexican flick, but from what I have heard, this version is to prefer. I don't know if any important plot has been lost, but if the longer versions are like this, I can only agree to the statement. The scenes in the film don't exactly feel connected to eachother. In this film we have two things going on. The first being Hugo flying around in his helicopter, watching women, and sometimes even flying down real close to flirt. The other one is scenes where he take the women back home, they drink some, and then they go to his room with lots of stuffed animals, they get killed, and ultimately fed to his cats. Every scene where he brings someone home is pretty much the same, and sometimes I wonder if they just used the film's audition tapes of different girls doing that scene. We never care for anyone 'cause they're gone for some reason after a few minutes. If only they would've kept the first woman through the entire movie, make it some kind of "cat and mouse"-game, it could've been alright.

The movie is poorly made, and in the first few minutes I actually thought it had been edited together by a retarded 7 year old kid. It got a little better after that, but still not good enough for us to understand what was happening and why. Maybe because I watched the short version? Still doubt it. The acting isn't very good and the guy playing Hugo (who's name actually is Hugo Stiglitz) is one of the most stale actors I have seen. Some of the girls do a decent job though.

This movie doesn't have alot to offer at all. We don't have any gore, unless you count the meat he feeds the cats, and barely half a second of nudity at the beginning. I hate to sound like a pervert all the time, but the best parts of this film is the bikini shots.

I guess I have myself to blame who bought a movie only because the title is cool. It was obviously gonna be a cheesy film, but I had hopes for it to be tasty cheese, not rotten crap. Don't watch this film unless you track down the longer cut and it turns out to make more sense.

Positive things:
- Bikini shots.
- It teaches us that if your butler wins over you in chess, feed your cats with him.
Negative things:
- Poorly made.
- Bad editing.
- Stupid acting. Especially Hugo Stiglitz's.
- Doesn't feel connected.
- "Night Of A 1000 Cats"? What night?! It's clearly day the entire movie!
- No gore. This can save any bad movie.
- Isn't even 0.5% as cool as the DVD cover.
- Maybe the movie should've been about an angry pack of cats?

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 0.5/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 0.5/5
Comedy: 0.5/5

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