Title: Night of the Demons

Also known as:

Year: 2009

Genre: Horror / Comedy / Remake

Language: English

Runtime: 93 min

Director: Adam Gierasch

Writer: Adam Gierasch & Jace Anderson

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1268809/

It's Halloween and Angela has thrown together one hell of a party in an old abandoned house with a dark past. The party is a huge success with lots, and lots of people. The only problem is that the cops show up, and only a handful are left to clean it all up. But that's fine, they won't be alone when there's demons there.

Our thoughts:
Did I just watch a good remake? No, I didn't. Let's start by saying that the original movie frm 1988 is one of my favorite demon movies. It was never as good as "Evil Dead" or "Demons", but it was as good as it could get without actually being those films. It was just great 80's fun with great looking demons and some original ideas (except the movie itself wouldn't really be considered original). Now, I've been open to this remake since I first heard it was announced. It has happened before that I am open to a remake until final moments before the release (they usually release something terrible about it just to change your mind, it seems). This happened with both "Friday the 13th" and "Wolf Man" to me. I had hopes for them, but they just fell on their arse. "Night of the Demons" is actually a much better remake. It doesn't have as big of a movie to follow, the original was good fun but nothing sacred to me. I figured if there is one remake I will enjoy, then maybe this might be the one. And I did enjoy it. It's a bad movie and I am very aware of it so parts of me hate myself for saying it, but I had a pretty decent time with this remake.

The story is pretty much what it was back in 1988 too. A big party in an old scary house with plenty of scary tales surrounding it. Angela is the host who bring them all there. However in this remake, it's a much bigger part. To begin with, atleast. Only a few are left after the cops show up. This is when the party really starts, if you catch my drift. Very soon Angela is possessed by one these depraved and perverted demons and begins to turn the rest to their side too. Fairly true to the original, even though I prefer the original one where it was always a smaller party. And this one has a really terrible ending, not to mention the disgustingly bad phrase that is being uttered right before the end credits roll.

I can almost say that this film has as much good stuff in it as it has bad stuff. Some of the bad things would be the terrible dialogue (some works, but there are a few lines that make you wanna choke yourself), the CGI effects, the shitty ending, the flying demons, and I'm not so sure if Shannon Elizabeth ("American Pie") really fits as Angela. However, on the good side it has an actor I really like, Edward Furlong. It's just a shame that his sort of acting doesn't fit very well here. I much rather see him in more realistic films (something he seems to be doing really well lately). But it's definitely a plus for the movie to see him here. I also really thought the non-CGI effects were fun as hell. Gory and extreme looking demons. Fantastic! It also has plenty of perverted stuff (yes, the lipstick scene is in here!) such as demon sex and plenty of boobs. And to top it all off, what surprised me the most was the excellent soundtrack. This is legendary stuff in style with "Return of the Living Dead" almost. Yes, lots of horror influenced rock/punk! Even my own favorite band "Wednesday 13" (I think this is the first film to feature their music). You can imagine how shocked I was when I heard "Gimme Gimme Bloodshed" start. The soundtrack also features "Creature Feature", another favorite band, and an original song by "45 Grave". Need I say more?

This remake isn't a good movie, but it's actually pretty fun at times with a close-to-perfect soundtrack, lots of cool special effects (with bits of CGI, sadly), boobies and naughtiness. The flaws are plenty and hurt the film a lot, they keep it from being a good movie. But this film really only needed to be entertaining for me to be happy with it. I much rather watch a remake like "Night of the Demons", with an original that never meant too much to me (even though it's great fun), than to see another "Nightmare on Elm Street"-kind of shitfest that has nothing going for it. I'd say watch this film if you're with a bunch of friends. You've been warned for the crappy stuff in it, now it's your choice if you wanna spend time just for boobs and some fun demons.

Positive things:
- Fantastic soundtrack: Wednesday 13, Creature Feature, Death Riders, 45 Grave, TSOL and so on!
- Fun gore and effects!
- Edward Furlong, even though this wasn't the right movie for him.
- Boobs!
- Perverted demons. Gotta love demon sex!
- I like the original alot, but it was never so sacred that I automatically hated the remake.
- Linnea Quigley in a cameo!
Negative things:
- Some CGI that ruins the fun.
- Shannon Elizabeth might not look too bad, but she doesn't fit in the role of Angela.
- The flying demons. There was no need for that!
- Shitty ending.
- I swear, some lines in this film are the worst ever to be written.

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 2.5/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 2/5

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