Title: Nihan: The Last Page

Also known as:
Nihan: Son Sayfa (Original title)

Year: 2016

Genre: Short / Drama

Language: Turkish

Runtime: 14 min

Director: Tofiq Rzayev

Writer: Tofiq Rzayev & Erdogan Ulgur, Sevgi Ucgayabasi (original story)

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5245694/

A man is writing a book about the life he lived with his wife that recently passed away, but is stuck on the last page. He has to make sure that the story ends right, and to do that he needs to see to it that the house they lived in will forever be theirs.

Our thoughts:
Tofiq Rzayev, the filmmaker behind the shorts "Akibet" ("Aftermath"), "Girl in the Woods" and "Cleaner", three shorts that we have reviewed on the site recently returns with another dramatic story. It's interesting that this is the film I sit down to watch right after reviewing a short called "Infinite", which dealt with friendship and death in a very pure way, and then I arrive at "Nihan: The Last Page", which deals with death in a more poetic way. A complete opposite to "Infinite", despite many similarities.

The idea behind "Nihan: The Last Page" is an internal struggle with a writer and how to end his book. The book is about the entire relationship he had with his wife, from the moment they met and all the way until she died. There is just one thing missing, and that is how to end the book. They always promised each other to live in their house forever, but now the house is about to be sold off. He decides that he has to talk with the owner of the house before she sells it.

To be blunt - the way "Nihan: The Last Page" handles death as a short film drama is probably how most short films do it. It tries very hard to create an emotion by hinting that the late wife is still with him, and that something that used to be theirs should be theirs forever. As nice as the idea is, the outcome is fairly pretentious. It is movies like this that made me appreciate that short film I mentioned earlier, "Infinite", a lot more. It's not fair to say that "Nihan: The Last Page" is a bad movie because of it, but it's treating a subject that is familiar in ways that has been done before. It tries to be a bit too poetic with it, and ultimately it just gets lost in a sea of arthouse short films.

Looking at "Nihan: The Last Page" as its own thing (which I should do to begin with, but comparisons are bound to happen) it's another showcase film from Tofiq Rzayev and the team. It's an attempt to tell a heartfelt story by simple means. It gets its point across, but I'm sad to say that I didn't get emotionally invested in the character. It was missing something to make me feel the relationship that the man and his late wife had together, instead it just told me about it. By no means a poor creation from this Azerbaijani filmmaker, but it's not the most interesting film of his I have seen. There is something to be said about the number of films that come from Tofiq though, as they all keep a fairly high standard.

Positive things:
- Tofiq Rzayev is consistent in quality and puts out a lot of films.
- Uses simple means to tell the story.

Negative things:
- Unfortunately it doesn't get you invested in the character.
- A bit too typical in the handling of its subject.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 0/5

We got this movie from:
Tofiq Rzayev

It can be watched at:

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