Title: No Reason

Also known as:

Year: 2010

Genre: Gore / Horror / Extreme

Language: German

Runtime: 74 min / 54 min (heavily cut)

Director: Olaf Ittenbach

Writer: Olaf Ittenbach

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1601215/

Seemingly out of nowhere Jennifer finds out about her cheating husband, while also trying to find her babysitter who has left with her child, Jennifer flips and is thrown into a psychological world of pain and torture where she has to take the right path to reach salvation.

Our thoughts:
No matter what my reviews will tell you, I consider myself a fan of Ittenbach. I think he makes wonderful gore. But I think he is one of the worst story tellers ever, and the more he tries to tell a solid story the more it annoys me simply because he can't handle it. That's why his first films are my favorites - he might've tried to give them story but the main focus was always the gore, and he knew he needed to deliver on that end. While he still delivers gore now, he seems to think he is a way better storyteller than he is. The reason why this is so important to go into with "No Reason" is simply because I think it might be his worst attempt at telling a story to date.

Introducing Jennifer, a woman about to move away with her husband and son. She let's an old lady across the hall babysit when she's going out for a bit, but when she comes back there's no way of reaching her. During her panic attack of not knowing where her son is, she also gets a letter including pictures of her husband cheating on her - sent to her by one of her neighbors (his lover). This is too much for her, and she snaps. She disappears into a mind of her own, seperated into different "levels". Each level has a different color, the first one being red. Each color has a mood and shit attached to it, and the final level will either be black: obviously connected to the darker stuff, or white which is connected to salvation. In this psychological hell she meets a masked figure (in a ridiculous Cthulhu leather mask) who guides her through it. The deeper she gets into this, the closer she is to puzzling things together, and maybe her life wasn't as fantastic as she thought it was.

Yeah, that's about it. Except a lot more ridiculous. The thing about this film is that from the first minutes it wants so hard to be a sad and depressing story. It so desperately wants us to feel hallow, and I can only imagine Ittenbach being inspired by a film like "Martyrs" (which I also didn't like) when he wrote this story. The first time I heard the title of this film I was asking myself if it was referring to "no reason" as in "there is no reasoning" or as in "there is no reason for it". I'm not sure what Ittenbach was thinking but this film is nonsense, and more than ever was I convinced that all Ittenbach should do is gore. There is absolutely nothing else left in this film once you take out the gore - the story is so poorly told that even if there was something interesting under it all, it's gone faster than the first scenes of violence (which is within the first 5 minutes).

Now, let's get into the gore for a second, as this is what Ittenbach does best and it's why people still watch his films. You should most definitely watch this film if you want gore and nothing else - the only reason I get stuck focusing on the story is because it's so obvious that he is trying hard. This film is literally just gore and nudity. Hell, our lead lady walks around nude for the most part, and usually covered in blood. Once she is thrown into the "psychological hell" (or maybe even "purgatory", but let's not get picky) it's all about the gore and nudity. The first level has her in a room filled with mutilated bodies, and we get to see what happened to each of them on a monitor. The next level is filled with extreme, violent BDSM of cock-eating and pissing. In the third level she meets messed up creatures. So yeah, this delivers the goods. A gorehound who can ignore a bad story will enjoy this one a lot, that's a guarantee. Even though some effects were a bit meh, I think this might also feature some of his best as well. At the very least some of his most realistically gruesome.

"No Reason" is a terrible movie, there's nothing good about the storytelling and Olaf Ittenbach has never been worse in this department. I was so annoyed by it that it almost made me forget that Ittenbach movies are to be watched for the gore, and in that aspect I have always been a fan. Luckily the movie offers a lot of gore and smut. "No Reason" feels like Ittenbach's attempt at making a deep and interesting gore film à la France ("Martyrs" especially) but he fails in that department, and it ends up as a sort of cry for attention in terms for the violence and exploitation. I didn't like this movie very much, but I promise it will please those who are literally only out for gore. In the end, it might be one of Ittenbach's worst movies but it's also one of the most attractive in terms of gore.

Positive things:
- Lots of good looking gore! It'll please gorehounds.
Negative things:
- Some effect scenes were so-so.
- I honestly don't know why Ittenbach continues trying to tell a good story. This is his worst attempt yet. Bad story or bad storytelling? Might be a bit of both.

Gore: 4/5
Nudity: 3.5/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 0/5

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