Title: Nude For Satan

Also known as:
Nuda per Satana (Original title)

Year: 1974

Genre: Sexploitation / Occult / Mystery

Language: Italian

Runtime: 82 min / 90 min (XXX version)

Director: Luigi Batzella

Writer: Luigi Batzella

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0162503/

Late one night a man witnesses a car crash, and the female driver has been knocked out. He decides to bring her with him up to a nearby castle for some help, and end up spending the night. The man then meets a woman who looks exactly like the woman in the car but she's acting strange. Like if she's not the same woman at all.

Our thoughts:
The version I watched of this was the 90 min XXX version released by Njutafilms. And I'm not one to complain about having that added into the films I watched as long as it fits. And some movies just need to have that extra spice to made them worth something. "Nude For Satan" is just like that. I can't see how this film would be interesting if it wasn't for the added pornography. Hell, I don't even understand why they didn't make it a porno to begin with. More about this later in the review..

The story isn't necessarily bad, it's just very weak. Weak in terms of the horror that it tried to add - there was no threat in the movie! It's about two people who end up in a castle, and in that castle they find two perverted and twisted versions of themselves. What was supposed to be scary about it? And I don't mean for the audience, I expected exploitation and not horror, but for the people in the movie.. Clearly they acted out of fear, but I don't see why? The closest thing you get to scary is when the woman is attacked by a big spider. The spider looked like it was made by kids in kindergarden. Fuck it. And then it ends with a sort of twist. Not a bad one (but done to death by now), just wasted on a harmless and confusing movie.

As I said, it needed sex and plenty of it to be worth watching. The problem is that I honestly felt insulted by the movie when the added XXX scenes were edited in. They must think I'm a fool since there was even one scene where an actress changed skin color when the XXX scene was put in. So fucking stupid. Extremely obvious cuts, with switched actresses, different rooms and entirely different lighting in the scene. It was chaos! If you're gonna throw in hardcore stuff you should just add the close-ups. And then the hardcore scenes themselves - they seemed to switch position ever 5 seconds! Double chaos! Not to mention the lesbian scenes where they always licked a good inch or two away from the.. spot, straight out into the air. Triple!

One thing the movie did have going was atmosphere. The first scene with the naked woman running outside was great and gave me high hopes for something visually pleasing (maybe it was alright through-out too, I just got attacked by poorly added XXX). The location was certainly great, and the score (one song specifically) was haunting as hell and could give any film a creepy atmosphere. In that sense it's not a complete waste, it certainly offers that good ol' Italian feel.

"Nude For Satan" is an extremely harmless, even if perveted, movie that I watched with terrible XXX scenes added. I can't say I would want those scenes cut out, I can't imagine the movie being much better without them, but it was handled very amateurish. They just didn't give a flying fuck. That said - some people love these Italian movies for the atmosphere and such alone. I require a bit more. But if you're one of them, check it out! You certainly get atmosphere and boobage.

Positive things:
- Atmosphere, like you expect from Italian movies.
- Good score!
- A couple of great shots.
- Could not have gotten through it without the added XXX this version had.
Negative things:
- Poorly added XXX.
- The XXX scenes were stupid.
- Too harmless. There was no threat. I don't understand what the characters were scared of!

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 4.5/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 2/5

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