Title: Nurse Diary: Wicked Finger

Also known as:
Kangofu nikki: Itazura na yubi (Original title)
Nurse's Diary 1 (Alternative title)

Year: 1979

Genre: Adult / Comedy / Drama

Language: Japanese

Runtime: 67 min

Director: Shin'ichi Shiratori

Writer: Rokuro Kumagai

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1559318/

It's time for nurse Ryoko to move out from her dorm so that she can keep her relationship with a well-respected, married doctor a secret. His wife is the daughter of the owner of the hospital, so secrecy is important. When Ryoko moves out several relationships begin to fall apart, and it will affect her relationship with the doctor.

Our thoughts:
Besides possibly having the greatest title of all the Nikkatsu's, "Nurse Diary: Wicked Finger" is also one that actually sort-of work as both a drama and a comedy. Where most of them fall flat on the drama because they're all too silly, this one manages to get itself together for brief moments and does show some heart. But above all, let's not forget the fantastic title!

The nurse diary part of the title I can see, as the lead literally writes a diary. The wicked finger... well, your guess is as good as mine. That's simply what will get you to buy the movie! The story here is that nurse Ryoko moves out of her dorm, and relationships all around her start getting weird. She needs to keep her relationship with a married doctor a secret, so moving out if the only option. This upsets one of the nurses she lived with, because she had fallen in love with Ryoko. Because she moved out and her fellow nurse is jealous when she finds out about the doctor, and she is putting their relationship at risk - something the doctor can't take, since his wife is part of the family that owns the hospital. Meanwhile, Ryoko's new neighbor is a young man who falls in love with her on first sight - or perhaps it's his dick talking.

There's a scene where Ryoko's neighbor is spying on Ryoko, and starts fiddling about with his vacuum cleaner. He gets stuck in there, and his friend comes into the room. He tries to help him pull it off, but it all ends up at the emergency room. This is the kind of comedy we're talking about, so the drama aspect is a minority. It's not like we're gonna see a man with a vacuum cleaner on his cock one second, and then cry our eyes out in the next. No, the drama isn't dominating in the least, but I do feel it was played straight enough to show something more than comedy and smut. It's brief, but it was just enough.

It felt like there wasn't quite as much smut as in some of the previous ones, but there are still a handful of scenes, and obviously there's rape as well. What Nikkatsu director would forget that!? In this case, the most notable scene would be the girl-on-girl rape, which is sort of short. The rest of the sex scenes are quite forgettable, even those towards the end when the movie goes a bit nuts with the doctor getting drunk and miserable, and screwing his perverted patient who always wants weird treatments.

"Nurse Diary: Wicked Finger" is a nice pause from the stress and real life problems. It's quirky but with some heart, the girls are good looking and the sex scenes are plenty. They are censored and carefully dodging the "good stuff", but boobs are plentiful. It's a good title to pick up if you have enjoyed any of the previous Nikkatsu releases by Impulse Pictures, even if not the best. At least buy it for the title! I mean, how could you not!? Wicked fingers and all that shit!

Positive things:
- Seems like it was done with some heart.
- Entertaining comedy and drama, decent erotica.
- Etsuko Hara is very likable as Ryoko.
Negative things:
- Nothing spectacular, but when is a Nikkatsu spectacular to begin with?

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 3/5

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