Title: Nurse Girl Dorm: Sticky Fingers

Also known as:
Kango joshiryô: Ijiwaru na yubi (Original title)
Nurse Girl Dorm: Assy Fingers (Alternative translation)

Year: 1985

Genre: Sexploitation / Comedy

Language: Japanese

Runtime: 63 min

Director: Yoshihiro Kawasaki

Writer: Masahiro Yoshimoto

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2899980/

Sexually charged nurses have to keep their desires at bay as they're not allowed to go over to their boyfriends. One young nurse, Yuki, manages to find a way to help the girls sneak over to fulfill their needs. Yuki is soon part of her own drama when her ex-husband arrives at the hospital looking to get back together with her, something Yuki is not interested in.

Our thoughts:
"Nurse Girl Dorm: Sticky Fingers" (or as it's also called on the reversible cover and in the DVD menu, "Nurse Girl Dorm: Assy Fingers") is for the most part a very typical Nikkatsu title. It's rare for it to stand out among all the other nurse, teacher and other sexploitation titles Impulse Pictures have put out. Still there is something that makes it fun and easy to watch (whereas some of them are just purely boring, despite having a ton of sex).

It's a nurse dorm. The girls are horny. A woman masturbating with a vacuum cleaner sets the mood in the first seconds, and from there it's all about... you guessed it... sex. Young nurses in a dorm are not allowed to visit the boys, which sucks for those with boyfriends. But Yuki has found a way to sneak over, and this becomes all of the nurse's main activity (if only this was real life, eh?). Yuki's also getting her share of fun, but soon she has to deal with an ex-husband who wants to rekindle their old magic. Yuki is not interested in this, and... "hilarity" ensues.

Okay, it's not hilarity. It's easy-going, simple, fun sexploitation. It doesn't stand out, yet I enjoyed it. Perhaps it's the random running scene with a "montage"-like song for horny nurses, the vaginal cramp scene, or just generally the light mood that barely ever breaks out in laughs. It's remarkably non-remarkable for a movie that I find more entertaining than many of the other Nikkatsu's - some which were more special. Something was done right, it just didn't bore me, I can't really speculate on why that is.

There are a few steamy sex scenes, but nothing explicit. A ton of boobs and butts, some suggested sex and oral stuff, the usual Nikkatsu stuff. The women are pretty for the most part, the men are silly horny Japanese men - you know the type. We all know by now how women in Nikkatsu movies crave sex above anything else (probably above air and food too), and men are stupid horn-dogs. Together they are all just sex-driven animals, and the only goal of any scenes is sex. Sometimes it's for a laugh, such as when a man sneaks into the wrong woman's bed and penetrates her, only for her vagina to cramp up and he's stuck in her.

"Nurse Girl Dorm: Sticky Fingers" is what it is. It's nothing special or spectacular, but it's fun enough. I enjoyed it. Though it's not the sexiest of the Nikkatsu titles, the sex scenes are varied enough for them to add something. Overall, the movie is light-hearted fun, it can be watched as sexploitation or it could be watched as situational comedy. Seen as a mix is the right way, of course, but whether you decide for is okay.

Positive things:
- I really, really enjoyed that horrible song in that random running scene.
- It's easy to sit through.
- It's one of the bland Nikkatsu titles, but still managed to be entertaining.
- Pretty women.
- The titles, both "Sticky Fingers" and "Assy Fingers" are brilliant.

Negative things:
- Impulse Pictures have released about 20 Nikkatsu titles. Many of them are pretty much the same, and it makes it hard to review after a while.
- Do Japanese people not know how you usually move in sexual position? Don't run with your legs!

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 3.5/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 3/5

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