Title: Nyckelhålet

Also known as:
Nøglehullet (Original title)
The Keyhole (English title)

Year: 1974

Genre: Adult / Comedy

Language: Danish

Runtime: 80 min

Director: Paul Gerber

Writer: Paul Gerber

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0073472/

Søren is hired by a producer to make a different kind of a porno. It's gonna be realistic and feel like real sex, not the obvious, fake that most adult films have. To prepare for the movie, he together with the movie producer's daughter, Mette, spies on Mette's parents - the movie producer and his wife to get a sense of the reality he is after.

Our thoughts:
Something we've been good at in Scandinavia is making entertaining smut films. We just seemed to get it - the perfect mixture of comedy and sex. "Nyckelhålet" isn't a very good movie, but it's fun where it counts. The story is easy-going and, like always, it exists to give us sex scenes. It's about Søren and Mette - they are trying to write a script for a realistic adult film, and Søren was hired by Mette's father, a movie producer. Mette is convinced that her parents sleep around with other people so they decide to base their script on them. So they start stalking them while they screw around! Only to, in the end, present her father, the producer, with a script that is based on him but without him noticing.

When I understood that the movie would be about developing a movie script I was excited. I'm sort of a filmmaker myself and I love watching films about people that are making films. I think it's great fun, and I didn't mind watching a sex spin on it. But sadly that's quickly left in the background when they start stalking around. I'm not sure what could've been done so that it would be more how I wanted it, I just know this didn't do it. But as a sex comedy it's alright!

Maria Ekorre is a real beauty and it's fine that we never see her in any graphic sex scenes. Her body is more than enough! The rest of the cast isn't as striking as she is, but at least they show it all (small amount of penetration though). The best scene in the movie is probably the scene in an office where Maria Ekorre is trying to get laid with a man who doesn't want to. The scene is long and speeded up. That doesn't change the fact that her table dance is sexy! The sex scenes are a bit tame, but I kinda liked that some of them were just softcore and some showed a bit more. Made it more fun to watch since you never knew where they would go!

If you want more graphic sex than this movie has to offer then Klubb Super 8's DVD release of it also comes with the "US grindhouse XXX-rated version". Terrible VHS quality, but it's on there for anyone who wants it! Personally I'll rather see Marie Ekorre in good quality with less graphic sex, but I won't judge you if you don't!

What do you expect from a movie like this? I'm a moron who got too interested in where the story would go when I knew it was "just" a smut film. That's my problem and isn't something I hold against the movie at all. If you enjoy old Swedish and Danish porn because of how easy-going they were, "Nyckelhålet" is worthy of a watch! I wouldn't use it to masturbate, but if you have a loved one who shares your interest in these films you could have a few laughs over it together!

Positive things:
- Marie Ekorre is cute as hell!
- Fun music for a porno. Very different from what we get nowadays!
Negative things:
- I was stupid enough to expect more from it.
- I understand why Marie was dubbed, you noticed on the lips even how she pronounced Søren was different from in the film, but I wouldn't have minded her real voice talking Swedish instead.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 4.5/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 2.5/5

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