Title: Office of the Dead

Also known as:

Year: 2009

Genre: Comedy / Horror

Language: English

Runtime: 81 min

Director: Matthew Chung

Writer: Matthew Chung

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1303831/

Sir John Chris, CEO of Life Corp. wants to better the world by introducing a technology that will take a person's negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones, thus making everyone happier. There's only one problem; a side effect by this software can cause people to become angry, flesh-craving, members of the undead. Sealed off from the world, some of the company’s employees are trapped in the building with the zombies with no hope in sight.

Our Thoughts:
Son of a bitch! Doesn't getting mad make you angry?! Life Corp. is looking to help that by introducing a technology that will alter your thought pattern to turn those negative thoughts into happy ones. After all, who knows what's best for people that a big corporation, right? Software engineer and programmer Ben Lau along with his partners Raj and Liz have progressed far enough to start testing on humans. After one of the test turns up as a failure due to unexpected results, Ben and his team are replaced with consultants who make things worst. Instead of making people happy, it turns them into anger fueled mindless zombies. Ben, Raj, and Liz are quarantined in the building along with a few other survivors and have to fix the problem or become one of the undead.

Much to my chagrin, "Office of the Dead" turns out to be a comedy with some horror elements, i.e. the zombies, as opposed to being a horror movie with a comedy element. It's disappointing due to the fact that when you have a movie that features the phrase, "of the Dead" in its title you kind of have an expectation for it to at least be a horror movie. Instead "Office of the Dead" is a full blown comedy that features creatures that really aren't zombies but to make things easier and less complicated, they're called zombies. Well, they act like classic "Night of the Living Dead" zombies and when they bite people they turn into zombies. This doesn’t really make too much sense when you consider the fact that they’re zombies because they had their brains become filled with rage because of a computer. Not an infectious disease and they really aren't the living dead since they're kind of still alive, just blinded by rage...Alright I'll stop there before I'm unable to come back from the ultimate nerd argument of what is and what is not a zombie.

I can respect the fact that Matthew Chung went for something a little different and have "Office of the Dead" be more of a comedy than a horror. Especially since after "Shaun of the Dead", no horror comedy, especially one dealing with zombies can be made without comparing it to that. On the other hand though, an actual horror element would have been nice and would have helped make the movie a little more fun and enjoyable. I mean my god, not one drop of blood and I do mean not one single drop of blood is ever spilled in this supposed zombie movie.

C'mon Matthew! What are you trying to do to us?! Give us at least one bit of flesh tearing or gut munching. Just one scene, that's all we need!

To be fair though, while the lacking horror element is really disappointing the movie does have a good sense of humor. It's a fun poke at a day in the life of a cubicle jockey having to deal with zombies rather than a paper jam. That aspect is interesting and amusing in the sense that it takes the concept of a "lifeless" office worker and literally turns them inton one. Now I wouldn't go so far as to say this movie serves as a commentary piece like other 'of the Dead' movies that we may know. Rather it's just a play on what kind of thing that goes on in the world of an office environment but with an undead twist. Let's face it, those who've worked in these places will probably find a lot truth in the humor. And shit is always funny when it's true.

It was the humor that did save the movie though; the story and almost everything about the movie is kinda ho-hum. It's not a terrible movie by any means and is technically well made. Its that there isn't enough here to make me want to revisit it or even recommend it for a viewing. Maybe because I'm so unbelievably picky about my comedies I just wasn't the right audience for "Office of the Dead" and therefore wasn't able to find it as funny as others will. It does have a good sense of humor and it even made me laugh out loud a few times but I think the lacking horror element really hurt the movie the most. With a runtime that barely goes above an hour I believe "Office of the Dead" is one of those movies that probably would have been better off with being a short movie instead of a feature length.

Positive things:
- "I've got herpes."
- Some good jokes.
- Good performances.
Negative things:
- Lacking horror element.
- Wasn't as funny as it needed to be.
- It's only a 'decent at best' kind of movie.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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