Title: Of Silence

Also known as:

Year: 2012

Genre: Independent / Horror / Drama / Thriller

Language: English

Runtime: 94 min

Director: Jeremiah Sayys

Writer: Jeremiah Sayys

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1405413/

Colby, a former scuba diver, returns home after the death of his wife. The loss has taken its toll, and he's being haunted by past memories. Something seems to be coming to life in his house, in the darkness and silence. When his family is visiting for his birthday, the other side is breaking through.

Our thoughts:
Not too long ago the independent horror "Absentia" surprised many reviewers with its mix of drama and supernatural, with the added suspense. It actually isn't that common in indie horror, since anyone can make a movie now. Especially the suspense. That's something I am seriously missing, so I always try to show my appreciation when a movie manages to build itself up to something intense. "Of Silence" is a movie that thrives on said build up.

Jeremiah Sayys plays the lead here. He's Colby, a scuba diver coming back home. His wife recently died and now he's alone, trying to get through. Through his grief and loneliness, there's something brooding in the silence. Slowly its starting to take shape as something evil. Unsuspectedly, his family visits for his birthday and when you'd think company would help, it's only getting worse from here.

"Of Silence" works really slowly, and while I love slow movies this one might be taking some steps back too often. It succeeds in building up to something, no doubt. The horrors of the darkness is very much real here, and we can feel it. It doesn't let us see it until the very end, though, as per usual with many of the old classic horrors. This part I love. I don't mind a long build up, as it does manage to be quite suspenseful. The problem is that the build up is very much singing in one key. It has similar suspense scenes and scares from early on and up to the end. It doesn't escalate into something until the very end. Even when we have horrible visions, it doesn't mean that in the next scenes they won't be gone and we're back to square one again. Basically. For a slow build to truly work, it should start from nothing and then add one thing at a time.

The movie is still often effective, though. The fact that the "thing" isn't just a memory haunting him, or a simple ghost, but actually something ghoulish and evil helps a lot. It doesn't just become a fight between a man and his grief, but between himself and an evil he can't control - that is out to get him.

Jeremiah Sayys is great as the lead. Hell, most of the cast is doing great. And overall, "Of Silence" is a well crafted psychological horror. It's a bit monotone and too long for its own slow format to work, and I had a really hard time hearing the dialog. Other than that, I think Jeremiah Sayys has given us a good suspense movie. It might not be the next trendsetter, but it certainly will find a place in the heart of many horror fans (though it will not unite them all).

Positive things:
- The "thing" is more than just memories/psychological ghosts.
- Good cast!
- I don't know what it cost to make, but it looks more expensive than I'd think it is.
- While the effects weren't always top notch, they were handled with care so it got away with most of it.
Negative things:
- The build up is a bit jumpy.
- Slightly too long (much due to how the build up is constructed).
- For me the dialog was way too low.

Gore: 2/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 0.5/5

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