Title: Olga's Girls

Also known as:

Year: 1964

Genre: Sexploitation

Language: English

Runtime: 69 min

Director: Joseph P. Mawra

Writer: Joseph P. Mawra

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0058427/

Olga's back and she is up to her same old tricks of drugging and torturing her captive females into becoming her slaves for both business and personal pleasure. When word gets out that there is an informant among her harem of whores, and with The Syndicate breathing down her neck, Olga takes to doing what she does best -- torture. Olga's paranoia leads her to torture all of her employees, even those she trusts, in an attempt to find the snitch but as a result Olga's girls are planning a revolt.

Our Thoughts:
Olga's back! Or is she back again? "White Slaves of Chinatown" is the first "Olga" film without question however it seems to be disputed amongst different circles whether "Olga's Girls" came second or "Olga's House of Shame". You find one that says "Olga's Girls" was the second film while you'll find others that say "House of Shame" did. But, thankfully, for Joseph Mawra's planning, there is a bit of advertisement at the end of "Olga's Girls" that reads: "Stay tuned for the further adventures of Olga in...Olga's House of Shame." (While extremely funny, it also makes me wish I would have been able to follow these kinds of adventures when I was a young lad.)

So in the sequel, or rather, in this adventure, Olga is in a new location and is up to her old tricks of selling women and drugs or sometimes both. She still rules with an iron fist, torturing those who stand in her way and using the women for her own personal pleasures. When Olga finds out there is a snitch among her workers and then having her loyalty being questioned by The Syndicate. She sets out to torture everyone and anyone to find out who the traitor is. Olga's madness pushes a couple of the women to ban together an attempt a coup d'état to over throw Olga and to start their own organization. They find out the hard way that Olga is as much a masochist as she is a sadist and it'll take more than torture to break the will of their boss.

Again, much like "White Slaves of Chinatown", and like the "Olga" movies in general, there is more plot in the plot description than in the actual movie itself. "Olga’s Girls" is a different movie in other aspects as it no longer has the faux-mondo look and feel, but is now more of a typical sexploitation romp. Dialogue is once again minimal and Joel Holt returns as the narrator and to make the movie seem like it had more of an effort put into it then there actually was. There is more of resemblance of plot and structure in "Olga Girl's" than its predecessor "White Slaves" but only barely. There is an actual beginning, middle, and end with an actual resolution of sorts but the movie definitely focus on the 'torture' and the sexual antics of Olga above anything else. Not to mention we can't have an "Olga" movie with out the random dance scenes, drug use, and the same couple of songs being looped in the background.

"Olga's Girls" is indeed more of a movie than "White Slaves of Chinatown" but considering the fact that it was made in the same year, by the same people, using the same methods -- the movies aren't that different from one another. Outside of a new location, some new actresses, and something that sort of resembles a story; it is like watching the exact same movie. So, the torture is still not what people have come to expect from exploitation movies and is often more laughable than anything else. I'll still defend the "Olga" movies and say that what exploitation is there, is great for a movie of this caliber even if it maybe not be as graphic and gruesome as people hope. (In other words: You people need to stop your bitching.) Synapse definitely made the DVD for "Olga's Girls" worth picking up though as it features a nice transfer and some fun features, such as a commentary track from Olga herself.

Positive things:
- Some improvements from the last movie.
- Still not shocking but the torture is still fun.
- The Synapse DVD features a great transfer and a fairly decent commentary track from Audrey Campbell.

Negative things:
- The usual from 60's sleaze.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 2.5/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 1/5

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