Title: Olga's House of Shame

Also known as:

Year: 1964

Genre: Sexploitation

Language: English

Runtime: 69 min

Director: Joseph P. Mawra

Writer: Joseph P. Mawra, George Weiss

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0126562/

After relocating from Chinatown, Olga sets up business out in the woods in an abandoned mill and it isn't before long that things are back to normal for the sadistic slave trader. This time, Olga's looking to expand the business and is getting into the diamond smuggling business. With the aid of her brother and a protégé that shows a lot of promise, Olga's business is doing better than ever with new ladies to be tortured.

Our Thoughts:
"Olga's House of Shame" marks the end of an era; this was the last official "Olga" film, sans the long lost "Olga's Massage Parlor", as this would be the last movie to involve the original director Joseph Mawra and actress Audrey Campbell. All is not lost though as Joseph and Audrey go out with a bang! Eh, not really. While "House of Shame" is my personal favorite of the "Olga" movies, sadly, it is the same ol' thing.

Olga, as usual, is still getting by in the world by shelling out the whores and the drugs except this time instead of doing it from the shadows of a slimy city, she has set up business in an abandoned mill out in the woods. The Syndicate is no where to be found but now Olga's brother has gotten in on the fun while also adding a diamond smuggling branch to the business. As if that's not enough, Olga has taken on an apprentice and plans to show her the ways of torture and degradation but she may not need to teach her much. As Olga said herself, "She looked as if she handled a bullwhip all her life."

I'm going to cut the bullshit here: "House of Shame" is exactly the same as the previous movies. While they may have added Olga's brother to the mix, a diamond trade angle instead of 'The Syndicate', and a protégé. It's still the same setup and execution: a quick-and-dirty movie, narration to help make the movie seem legitimate, and then scene after scene of now retro-style bondage and (sometimes amusing) torture sequences. Joseph P. Mawra added a bit more to each "Olga" movie he made but when you watch them, and when you watch them back-to-back, it all blurs together to form this mesh of bare-skin exploitive eroticism. Twist it as you like but these were the real grindhouse movies -- made cheap, made quickly (on average, shot in a week's time), and made to bring in the money by featuring the all to appealing nudity and smut. And goddammit, that's why I like 'em!

"House of Shame" may not offer much in the way of differences but the slight improvement with each title adds a tiny bit more enjoyment and quality to the vintage perversion. Even though it’s not shocking or offensive, the torture and humiliation feels a bit dirtier here than ever before but likely will still not be good enough for the general viewer, and brushed off as laughable and tame. I certainly wish I could expand more on the "Olga" movies but they really don't offer much and are a bit repetitive in nature. It isn't a case of, "either you get it or you don't" with these movies. Rather, it's more of, "either you like them or you don't" as there doesn't seem to be a real middle ground here. With my fellow fans, there is a charm to these classic smut titles that makes them fun to watch even if they aren't the brutal shock-fests that came from the 70's.

Positive things:
- Being repetitive is making the movies less enjoyable, but they still qualify as some good old fashioned sleazy fun.

Negative things:
- Those. Eyebrows...
- Very repetitive.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 2.5/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 1/5

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