Title: The Operation

Also known as:

Year: 1995

Genre: Adult / Experimental

Language: None

Runtime: 13 min

Director: Jacob Pander

Writer: Jacob Pander, Marne Lucas

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0847890/

A man is wheeled into an operating room, where a female doctor proceeds to strip and engage the man in sexual intercourse while fellow doctors observe.

Our thoughts:
Jacob Pander's "The Operation" finds itself walking the line that separates pornography from art. As anybody who watches this will probably find themselves on either end of the spectrum, and not particularly in the middle ground. Yes, the movie does revolve around a doctor/scientist having sex with a patient, in an operation room while others look on. With that aspect, people will automatically look at it as nothing more than a porno, as it does show oral sex, penetration and an eventual ejaculation. Others will notice the obvious experimental qualities of the movie, since Jacob Pander stepped away from the standard black and white film stock, and shot the movie using an infrared filter.

So who's right? Well both are, that is the great thing about living in a time where art is subjective rather than objective. Looking at both sides, it is hard to consider "The Operation" as high art, as it is nothing more than the sexual exploration between two characters. Some people will and do, find more meaning to it than that, doesn't make them wrong nor does it make them right. As I said though, all there is to it is really the sex, as much style as Pander put into it, there really isn't any subtext to be found. With that being said, I can't shove this over to the pornography side since it does have unique look to it and was made the way it was with obvious intentions rather than being different for the sake of being different. Such as using the infrared filter instead of going the black and white route that is used for most experimental movies. Not only did it make the movie stand out visually, but it made watching two people having sex that much more interesting. Showing the different body temperatures allowed us to see the effects one has on another human being through the act of sex, (Whether you want to call it love making or fucking is your call.) the traces we leaved behind while exploring each others body. Then the low, undertone of an industrial soundtrack that creeps its way in and out of the scenes also helps with the experimental side. Which I couldn't help but be reminded of the style of cyberpunk films, such as "Tetsuo: The Iron Man".

Overall, I wasn't as impressed with the movie as I was with the artistic intentions and visuals brought by Jacob Pander, and I will certainly be checking out his other work because of this. While it isn't the best representation of experimental cinema it is also not the worst.

Positive things:
- Use of an infrared filter instead of the usual black and white film.
- Industrial soundtrack that blends in well with the movie.
Negative things:
- No real subtext to speak of. It doesn't really have anything say, but rather something to show.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 2/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 1/5
Comedy: 0/5

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