Title: Ozone

Also known as:
Street Zombies

Year: 1993

Genre: Horror

Language: English

Runtime: 83 min

Director: J.R. Bookwalter

Writer: J.R. Bookwalter, David A. Wagner

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107764/

It seems these days the streets are being over run with drug users and for police officer Eddie Boone, who has done his fair share to help stop the problem, it's going to get a lot worse. While trying to bust a drug deal, Eddie loses his partner and is injected with the newest drug that is being introduced to the city, Ozone. Unaware of the changes that are occurring to himself, it's up to Eddie to put a stop to Ozone which is easier said than done, as the drug turns it's users into zombie-mutants that can't be killed.

Our thoughts:
Here is another movie I really didn't know anything about other than general information and images available. As shameful as it is, I once again I had my prejudicial assumptions that it was going to be extremely cheesy, have bad acting, bad effects, and in general a bad movie altogether. Which maybe is what is helping me to enjoy these films, because much like "Bloodletting", this is a movie that took me by surprise.

When the movie started off I thought I was going to be in for a "Street Trash" knock off; with it having a junkie shooting up with this new drug Ozone, and shortly after shooting up, his head explodes. Knock-off or not, the scene and starting off the movie that way, just kicks ass. Thankfully though, the movie has very little relevance to "Street Trash" than what I initially had assumed. About the only thing it has in common is that the story revolves around the dregs of society, but instead of bums, it's druggies and junkies. Which I think is what helped make the story a little more interesting (with almost a slight social commentary) that a town becomes overrun like a plague by this toxic drug substance that turns it's users into zombie-ish mutant creatures. That is where there was a problem with the story though, it seems like it could never really decide on what it was that the people were turning into when they took the drug. In the beginning there were a group of them that were slow, sluggish, had stiff movements and couldn't be killed. So, like anybody else would assume, it seemed like they were zombies. Then later on, the creatures would speak (with altered voices) but some looked like the undead while others looked like mutants, but all of them could not be killed. Then there are those that look normal but transform into monsters. It tries to explain that the more you take the more you transform, but it never fully explains the sequence so you're kind of left confused as to what these "things" qualify as or what they are since they are all different. In all of the confusion though, I couldn't help but have this distinct Cronenberg after taste with this part of the movie, since it was heavily involving body theme horror, and a speech at the end about transcending to the next level.

Regardless of a lacking explanation on the people and what they transform into when they take the drug, the movie was still pretty good, given the film history of those who made it and it's production value. Unlike "Bloodletting", this movie is pushed by action, once things kick off it doesn't stop until the movie is over. You won't find yourself bored as it goes from scene to scene of heads being smashed, shoot outs, fights, and monsters running wild in a city. Thankfully though, the movie does try to keep a reasonable story to it, and it does. It's not the greatest story, but it's works well enough for a production like this, and they did a good job of creating a hero character that the audience will cheer for.

"Ozone" is another movie that I don't really want to say it's bad, but its not really good either. It's certainly better than a lot of the DTV movies that you find on the shelf these days. The fact that the movie was made for, if I understood right, was $3000. So there is obviously going to be parts of the movie that are lacking in terms of quality, that is really just an automatic given. In the end though, it's a fun basement production movie about a city being overrun with zombie-mutants with a single cop left to stop it all. So it has a decent enough story, some decent acting and some bad acting (of course), pretty good special effects, and it keeps a pretty fast pace. The only complaint that I would really have against the movie is the lack of blood and gore. Given the context of "Ozone", I think splashing the scenes with a little more blood could have added to the entertainment value, but really, it wasn't necessary. Like I said, I don't want to call it a bad movie, but it's not particularly good either. It is what it is. Plus they tried to do a lot with very little, so for me that is admirable.

Positive things:
- Having the mutant leader unintentionally blow up like the Death Star from "Star Wars".
- Nice effects were used for the transformation sequences.
- Features an exploding head and a head squishing sequence.
- Some decent lighting and camera work.
- James Black actually does a pretty good job as the hero.
Negative things:
- The saw-blade weapons used in the underground fight sequence.
- A random scene of a car full of mutants whooping and hollering.
- Inconsistency in the look of the mutants and how they act.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 1/5

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