Title: Pizza Girl Massacre

Also known as:

Year: 2014

Genre: Independent / Comedy / Horror

Language: English

Runtime: 78 min

Director: Jason Witter

Writer: Jason Witter, Brian Austin Wenrich (concept)

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4103920/

In 2013, a theater troupe is preparing to put on a production of William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". With the play taking place in a forest, the group decides that renting a cabin will aid in their rehearsal by allowing the actors to capture the feeling of the story and their characters. A documentary crew is on hand to record the group's process but when a scorned pizza delivery girl starts picking people off, one-by-one, the footage captured will be the only thing that survives.

Our thoughts:
I tip my hat to those who work as pizza delivery drivers, or have in the past, because that cannot be an easy job. I mean hell, you're having to deliver food to people who are most likely going to treat you like crap.

Then there's the flip side to that where you look at the person delivering your pizza and think, "Who is this rudderless hippy? How do I get away from him? Has he got a hunting knife strapped to his shin?"

And I'll even admit that I've said, "Well, great. Now you know where I live." to myself on more than one occasion, but then again, I am a horrible human being.

Jason Witter put together a social examination piece with "Pizza Girl Massacre" that explores the symbiotic relationship that exists between pizza delivery driver and the customer. How there is a juxtaposition of trust and fear between two strangers and the resulting causality when one person exploits that delicate balance. The domino affect, if you will, when that trust is betrayed and fear is soon replaced with anger and resentment.

Or maybe it's just about a pizza delivery girl going crazy and hacking up a bunch of annoying actors and documentarians in a ridiculous found-footage style movie. I don't know and I'm not paid enough to know!

"Pizza Girl Massacre" is a mockumentary/found-footage movie about a group of actors rehearsing for a stage production of William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" but they're rehearsing at a cabin in the woods. During the first night, the group orders pizza but when Jason -- the man documenting the theater troupe's process -- refuses to pay the delivery girl, all hell breaks loose.

And I can hear your eyes rolling into the back of your head at the concept of another found-footage movie. But "Pizza Girl Massacre" mashing the slasher and found-footage sub-genres together resulted in something that was fun. While we at Film Bizarro do enjoy the found-footage style more than most, I wasn't exactly sure how well the style would work within a slasher movie. Much to my surprise, it worked very well. I even found the idea of some of the characters having GoPros strapped to their heads to be fun and even working well within the context of the movie.

Perhaps because the movie aims at being fun is what helps it in the long run because when Pizza Girl goes on her rampage, I stopped caring about anything and simply enjoyed the ride. It was a bit rocky at first because I found most, if not all, characters to be unbearably annoying -- intentionally designed to be so, no doubt, because it is a slasher movie. However, "Pizza Girl Massacre" was made to be entertaining and it was done in the right way because the movie is kept light and enjoyable. It's not self-aware but it also wasn't afraid to be ridiculous at times. With such instances as the Pizza Girl appearing out of nowhere (or seems to) or three men repeatedly peaking over a couch with Pizza Girl getting closer and closer each time they look.

I believe the combination of slasher and found-footage also helped with the entertainment factor, because even though these are two sub-genres people are tired of, "Pizza Girl Massacre" itself never felt tiresome. The movie even plays on slasher clichés, albeit tongue-in-cheek, but doesn't fall on found-footage tropes. A nice balance was struck by using clichés from each style to make something that didn't feel as repetitive as it could have.

"Pizza Girl Massacre" isn't without its flaws; like I said, the characters can be annoying and there seemed to be a lot of screaming and shouting, even for a horror movie. Regardless, "Pizza Girl Massacre" accomplished at hitting the right level of fun and entertainment and I stopped worry about the small things. Instead I just sat back and enjoyed watching a movie about a pizza delivery girl going crazy and killing a bunch of people with pizza cutters. Not a movie for everyone, obviously, but if the concept of "Pizza Girl Massacre" catches your interest, I say give it a shot. You'll probably have fun watching it too.

Positive things:
- Just a fun movie overall.
- It combines the slasher and found-footage style together very well.
- Good editing.
Negative things:
- Eh, the movie has some issues, like annoying characters or an overabundance of screaming, but the movie is light and fun so what flaws there are don't seem important. At the very least, they didn't diminish the enjoyment I had watching it.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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