Title: Point B

Also known as:

Year: 2013

Genre: Independent / Sci-Fi / Comedy

Language: English

Runtime: 94 min

Director: Conor Long

Writer: David Gitlin

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2447920/

After failing once again to obtain the funding needed to help get their clean energy machine running properly, Mark and Alan have reached the end of the line. While working on the machine, Mark, somehow, turns it from a clean energy source into a teleportation device. Before they can celebrate what could be the scientific discovery of a life time, Mark and Alan, along with Jason and Andrew, must try and avoid the disastrous consequences of their experimentations, mis-uses and letting word get out on their device.

Our thoughts:
Before I even got on this science-fiction kick that I'm on, "Point B" was a movie that I immediately wanted to see after watching the trailer because it looked like pure, unadulterated fun. I love movies like "Worm" because of their concepts and ideas. I love movies like "The Machine" because of the drama and the emotion. At the end of the day though, it was fun that kept me watching movies when I was a kid. Well that and living in a tiny, isolated mountain town with not a friggin' thing to do, but that's beside the point.

Mark, Alan, Jason and Andrew are graduates of the physics department at their university and are trying desperately hard to get the funding needed in order to get their clean energy machine up and running. However, Alan causes Mark to blow their last chance at getting the money they need and now these four somewhat-friends are at the end of their rope. That is until Mark accidentally turns their clean energy machine into a teleportation device. With the sudden and painful ability to be sent anywhere, they have thrown open to the door to a world of possibilities that also includes a number of unforeseen consequences.

After the trailer, I had high expectation of a fun and funny movie out of "Point B" and, thankfully, that is exactly what I got. Now I'm not trying to make a direct comparison to these films but "Point B" reminded of movies like "Real Genius" and even "Ghostbusters" a bit. An odd pairing of movies to compare "Point B" to but like I said, I'm not trying to make a direct comparison between the movies. The reason those movies have achieved their classic and cult-classic statuses is because they found the right combination of story, humor, characters and chemistry (between the actors). The folks behind "Point B" were able to successfully recreate the same formula and produced a movie with similar results in having the best mix of a great story, characters and entertainment. While the plot of "Point B" is steeped in science-fiction, the movie is more about the characters and the situation they find themselves in once they uncover the ability to teleport anywhere with their invention.

The writing in "Point B" is exceptional; the comedy was often clever, witty and perfectly timed (thanks go to the actors for that one as well) but it never goes too far off the rails. By that I mean the relationship between the four main characters remains believable as do their exchanges with one another. It's ultimately the linchpin that holds the movie together since the movie could have easily ventured off into the unrealistic territory -- unnatural dialogue, being overtly eccentric, etc. -- like some character centered pieces have a tendency to do. So even though "Point B" is not a realistic movie, the dynamic between the characters is believable and entertaining to watch.

By that I'm assuming you can guess that "Point B" is dialogue heavy, which it is, and while the science-fiction aspect is an integral part of the movie it is a sub-dominant piece in comparison to the characters. Part of that is because of the budget constraints but it's also because that those characters are more important than the science-fiction element. However, that is not to say that it is unimportant since again it comes down to finding the right balance. In this case more weight was put on the comedy of the characters BUT the science-fiction aspect and the teleportation device is a key part of the structure. Let's say if we were to swap out the teleportation with time travel, would the movie still work? In my honest opinion, I don't think so. And that goes to show the quality in the writing; even though the movie is centered on the characters, the sci-fi element is not some throwaway plot device. It helps to give the movie reason and a foundation.

I also feel like I should mention that "Point B" excels stylistically as well. As mentioned before, it seems obvious that Conor Long and Red Coral Films were not working with the biggest of budgets. Still though, they made something that had a rather bold cinematic presence while still maintaining some of that wonderful low-budget aesthetic charm. They put those more cinematic elements where they were needed: cinematography, lighting and visual effects. And in regards to the visual effects, they were used accordingly, so it never became too much, and helps in giving the movie its own unique look. The movie isn't saturated yet the quality in those effects are astonshingly high for a movie of this caliber, making the whole thing that much more impressive. To put it simply; "Point B" is a slick looking movie that actually feels like a movie. Something that can sometimes be lost with low-budget and indie films.

I wanted a fun and entertaining movie with "Point B" and that is, thankfully, what I got. It is a fantastic comedy driven sci-fi movie the reminds me of the classic and cult-classics movies from the 80s that I grew up on and enjoyed. I even see "Point B" as having the high potential to be a cult-classic itself when it is able to reach its audience because it found the perfect balance in the various elments that make up the movie. Regarding entertainment factor, "Point B" shows something that I feel has been missing from its respected genre and it is able to recreat those same feelings and atmosphere that made those past comedic sci-fi movies great in the first place. With a strong cast, great writing and a solid visual presence, "Point B" is a movie worth seeing.

With all of that said, I would like to take a moment to say that when the movie was over it was sad to find out that David Fetzer, the actor who played as Mark, had passed away not long after the production of "Point B". While I didn't talk about it in detail in the review, "Point B" has a great cast with many talented actors in it. Particularly David Fetzer who could not have been a more perfect lead. He had great comedic timing and brought the character of Mark to life by making him believable and likable. It is unfortunate that David's life and career was cut short as there is no doubt he had the ability to make it big, judging by the great performance he put on in "Point B". If you are interested in finding out more about David and his work, please check out the foundation that was started in his honor at: http://thedaveyfoundation.org

Positive things:
- Great writing.
- Funny and entertaining.
- Enjoyable characters with an excellent cast.
- Top notch production quality with the cinematography, lighting, visual effects and art design.
- Even the poster art for the movie is fantastic!

Negative things:
- This is probably nitpicking but the "evil corporation" that serves as the antagonist in the movie never felt all that threatening.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 4/5
Effects: 3.5/5
Comedy: 3.5/5

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