Title: Poor Cecily

Also known as:
Lady In Trouble
The Erotic Adventures of Poor Cecily
Voi, Nyt Meni Neitsyys

Year: 1974

Genre: Sexploitation

Language: English

Runtime: 86 min

Director: Lee Frost

Writer: Cedric Malcome

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0124074/

Cecily is a lovely young woman, so lovely in fact people can't help but be drawn to her beauty. This becomes a problem for the naive girl once her Uncle passes away and she is sold off to pay for his debts. Once living simple life of pleasure, Cecily becomes the object of pleasure once the people she encounters decide to make her their sexual goal.

Our thoughts:
"Poor Cecily" is another movie that's been sitting in my To Watch pile for the longest time collecting dust. One of those movies that I remember seeing on a number of bootlegger sites and catalogs where they mention a young aristocratic white girl being sold and ends up becoming a sexual slave for the amusement of others. Naturally, that intrigued my curiosity because it sounded so trashy but also because it would be nice to watch a movie where snotty upper-class white women finally get their comeuppance. Yeah that's right white wimmin, get what you deserve!

Okay, that's obviously not why I wanted to watch the movie or at the very least I never openly admit to it. It was because it sounded like a great sleazy and trashy exploitation flick that is ultimately about what that one brief sentence described. Cecily, a young spoiled maiden who was raised by her Uncle is sold off to pay his debts after he passes away. Cecily first arrives at the home of her new caretakers where the wife of the house introduces the young naive girl into lesbianism and sexuality in general. Though she and her husband do not want Cecily to tell others of what goes on in their home, so they try to kill her when she flees from the house. After managing to avoid being killed by running into the woods she finds herself baring witness to a ménage à trois by a fellow and two ladies. Naturally, she's caught being the peeping peeper that she is and one of the women happens to be owner of the land which she uses as an excuse to take Cecily prisoner with threats of pressing charges and death. It isn't long after that Cecily becomes "Poor Cecily" as she is dragged into a perverse world of decadence as she becomes nothing but a toy to perverted socialites in powdered wigs.

It's a thin plot but a plot none the less and thankfully I did manage to grab a copy of the uncut release that includes the infamous dungeon sequence where Cecily and a few other women are raped, whipped, and branded. Though it's debated as to whether or not there maybe other versions of the movie. Anyway, after it was all over I have to say I was definitely disappointed in "Poor Cecily" after hearing about the sleaziness of the movie for so long. As standard sexploitation fare the movie should be more than enough to satisfy the sexual sweet tooth of the viewer but the movie never fully embraces the levels of trashiness that it could have brought to the table. While I can't say for certain, it seems the movie was suppose to be more light with the sexcapades that Cecily watches or endures. The whole movie feels very tongue-n-cheek in a way -- it's humorous without being blunt or direct about it. With that, it kind of takes away from the perverseness of the situations or the the nastiness of the dungeon sequence. I mean c'mon, am I suppose to to take Cecily's rape seriously when you've got a guy dangling himself from the top of an angled torture rack, with tights around his knees, while he dry humps her face? And being able to see his balls from the back wasn't helping the situation any, either.

Comedic undertones aside, "Poor Cecily" isn't a bad movie but as I stated before, it is simply standard sexploitation fare. It never really goes beyond having the main character go from one sexual adventure to another which allows her to open up sexually instead of having a prudish outlook on it. Though it does seem weird that it took rape and a torture dungeon to help her get to that point but that's what happens when you have a movie made by men for men. That being said, the comedic nature did make the movie a bit more fun to watch as opposed to making me sit there and think, "God, this movie is disgusting and perverted. I love it! But I shall only admit it to small circles of people who also enjoy such depravity so I feel less like a disgusting pig." "Poor Cecily" is more of a kick back and have a few chuckles at the expense of ridiculous degradation. Even Cecily's narration of the events that are unfolding can bring a few giggles to a viewer.

Positive things:
- Scissor me timbers!
- Comedic but it's not such a bad thing.
- Plenty of bareskin.

Negative things:
- I'm no historian but I'm pretty sure women in the 18th century didn't have bikini shaped tan lines.
- I think I should be bothered by the fact that the Cecily character is underage.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 3.5/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 2/5

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