Title: Postal

Also known as:
Postal the Movie
Uwe Boll's Postal

Year: 2007

Genre: Comedy / Satire / Action

Language: English

Runtime: 100 min / 102 min (Unrated)

Director: Uwe Boll

Writer: Uwe Boll & Bryan C. Knight

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0486640/

Somewhere in the U.S. named Paradise, an average joe (Zack Ward, Who is unnamed in the movie, other than "Postal Dude") has been recently laid-off and forced to live at a trailer park unemployed and living off welfare cheques. After getting sick of all the antics and crooked people of Paradise, including being cheated on by his over-weight wife the "Postal Dude" decides to team-up with his Uncle Dave (Dave Foley) to steal a inventory of Krotchy Dolls to help pay off the IRS. Little do they know, the Taliban also have plans to steal the dolls and plant Avian bird-flu viles within the dolls.

Our thoughts:
The film is loosely based off of the video game series "Postal". Think of it like the "Resident Evil" movies, same concept but doesn't stay true to the games. Mind you, I think the "RE" series is terrible as most video game adaptions (except the first "Mortal Kombat". Yeah I fucking said it.) Also, there isn't much to the Postal games except you playing the life of an average joe trying to get through the days. People say that the Postal Dude is way different from the games, but the games didn't have character developement. This shouldn't be too big of a spoiler but he pretty much becomes like the Dude from the games at the end of the movie.

Stupid, disgusting, offensive, and repulsive. Actually almost the same sentimental statements printed on the DVD and Bluray cover of this movie. If your a fan of Troma movies and "South Park" or dark satire you should enjoy this movie to some extent. The beginning of the movie takes place on American Airlines Flight 11. The first plane to hit the North tower of the World Trade Centers on 9/11. The two hijackers go from talking proudly about their martyrdom and Allah to being unsure about just how many virgins they are going to get. A genuiningly funny scene that has an ending sure to make some peoples jaw drop just when they see two familiar sky scrapers in New York City. Years later in the movie we are introduced to the un-named protagonist as he is getting ready for a job interview.

Most of the actors of this movie are from TV, and even the bigger parts are from actors who's characters in shows maybe have about one or two appearances. This is more likely due to the fact most agencies didn't want their actors in this movie. That doesn't mean the acting is all that bad. Zack Ward puts on an decent performance, although his stuttering before saying a sentence while angry does get a little annoying. Dave Foley's character is a laid-back potsmoker who leads a cult of hippies reminscient of the sixties. This is probably Foley's best performance in years since "The Wrong Guy" in 1997. He also appears pretty baked in the middle if you pay enough attention to the redness of his eyes.

Another actor who's acting I appreciate is Rick Hoffman, who plays the role of some sort of conglomerate CEO. His performance is excellent and makes the interview scene one of my favourite scenes in the movie. One thing I didn't like was how easy the Postal Dude's temper was unleashed after only a few stupid questions and awkward silence. I think they should've pushed his character a lot more in the movie before making him get out of his chair and yell. (and do the stuttering thing again. You know, I was actually bad for that when I had to get angry in a school film). Larry Thomas (famous for playing the soup-nazi on "Seinfield") plays the role of Osama Bin Laden, who's character is heavily sarcastic. The George Bush impersonator looks more like Bush than anything, but his dialog could use a little more work. It does sound a little too acted out. Nonetheless hilarious, with a future plot to blow pipelines in Saudi-Arabia but making sure they are insured before-hand.

Most of the films jokes are funny with a few hits and misses (and "What the hell!?"-esque part including a news report on TV about how everyone who died on 9/11 had it coming). Uwe Boll's cameo is actually hilarious, even when he pays celebrity Verne Troyer for his appearence in "Little Germany" with gold teeth. Of course the creator of the Postal series makes his cameo here and shoots Boll which begins a scene in the movie which is what most likely pissed the MPAA off.

The movie elaborates on crooked cops, popularity-whoring news reporters, the stupidity of religion, and American conglomeracy. Uwe Boll actually wasn't talking out of his ass when he said his movie made an important statement. Better than "Indiana Jones"? Probably, you won't have the same let-down feeling unless the dark comedy in this movie just wasn't right for you.

Positive things:
- Boll made a good movie.
- The scenes are funny, the acting isn't all that bad.
- Special effects are done well when needed.
- Hilarious hit and run scene.
- Accurate references to the video game.
- The nudity is balanced and doesn't feel like its there because its a raunchy comedy. (Yes, National Lampoons and shitty "American Pie" sequels, I'm looking at you)
Negative things:
- Scene transitions could be better at certain times.
- The female character could've been used more.
- The score is good, but one certain song doesn't fit the mood too well.
- How the kids are supposed to get Avian-flu out of the Krotchy dolls is unknown.
- How the terrorist knew another party was after the Krotchy dolls is imponderable. Although explained a bit more in the directors cut.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 3.5/5

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PraiseTheLard (Guest reviewer)


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