Title: Project EROSion 2.0

Also known as:
Project EROSion Volume 2.0

Year: 2015

Genre: Collection / Adult / Experimental / Comedy

Language: English

Runtime: 67 min

Director: Wesley Florence

Writer: Wesley Florence


A collection of erotic short films by filmmaker Wesley Florence. The collection delves into themes of narcissism, spectrophilia, revenge, and even bladder problems.

Our thoughts:
If the first "Project EROSion" was an independent filmmaker's collection of art inspired erotica, then the sequel ("Project EROSion 2.0") is a collection of much more laid back, silly and sketch-like short films. That doesn't mean it won't get strange, as this gets plenty of weird along the way, but done in jest.

Before I get into the shorts, I should speak some about the man behind these films. It's a guy that I have gotten to know a little bit since reviewing the first collection. Wesley Florence might not be the most advanced filmmaker, but there is something about his "Project EROSion" series that I enjoy. You get this vibe that he creates whatever the fuck he wants. He just goes for it. Sometimes it's a great little erotic art film, sometimes it's a woman who constantly pisses her bed (as in the short "Mellow Yellow"). All of this is confirmed when you talk to him, as you can tell that he enjoys creating and he's not letting convention stop him.

"Project EROSion 2.0" starts off with "The Cocoon". A woman who is unhappy with the way she looks ungoes a metamorphosis in her tub. She wakes up from the cocoon as a new woman. She peels off the last pieces of the gooey cocoon, and is finally pleased over how she looks. Obviously based on the idea of changing your appearance, I would also say that this short was made out of the image of having a woman, naked in a tub, covered in webs. Not the most convincing effect, perhaps, but the idea is basic enough to be executed well!

Following the fairly serious opening short, we're presented with one of the quirkier ones. "Mime Over Matter" is about a depressed mime, who decides to try to exercise her depression away. The mime half-asses her way through the exercise to no avail. She goes on with her day but nothing makes her happy. When she gets an invisible dildo and starts pleasuring herself in typical mime style, she finally finds happiness. Done in black and white, with film scratches and title cards, it shows its inspiration clearly, which fits the silliness of the short well. It's not like you think you are watching a '20s film here, so throwing on a some basic filters is all you can expect in it. It's not the best short of the bunch, but it's a perfect example of Wesley Florence's interest in pursuing every funny or weird idea he gets. "Mime Over Matter" might sum up this collection better than any other short in here.

Next is "Chocolát", possibly the short film I enjoy the least, though it has one of the better "stories". A woman finds out that her man has been cheating on her, so she decides to dip her butt in the birthday cake she bought him, and smear her butt all over the apartment. While this is a funny idea, it gets a bit tedious and it shows the least interest in experimenting (my favorite part of these collections). And perhaps it grosses me out a little bit, as it reminds me of "Cake Farts" (don't ask, and don't look it up)!

For the horror fans, there's "Maniaca". Dressed in overalls and a hockey mask, a person is sawing up bodies. It is later revealed to be a naked woman under the costume. When she's done with the chore of cutting up the body, she empties the bucket of blood over herself, and sits down on the floor to masturbate. Sure, "Maniaca" might lack plot or depth, but who can deny there's a fascination with blood and boobs? They certainly go well together! "Maniaca" is designed more to be a horror fan's fantasy than to tell a story (which the previous shorts did), and with that in mind you can't exactly complain.

The most interesting short film in "Project EROSion 2.0" is "The Narcissist", as it actually manages to both have a clear agenda, and expresses it well. The title character is a woman who spends a majority of her day taking selfie shots in her underwear or completely naked, in front of mirrors. Her days are based around trying to get attention for her looks and free spirit. But if you are too focused on yourself for too long, you'll end up not seeing something that could potentially kill you. As an experimental film this doesn't bring much to the table, but it's a idea that is executed better than, say, "Chocolát".

I don't want to lay out the entire collection in the review, so I'm not going into depths about a few titles towards the end (hey, you need some surprise in case you're interested in getting this!). These titles are "Mellow Yellow", "Nice Genes", "Spectrolysis", "The Baredevil" and "Moonlighting (Immorales pt. 2)". I don't have much to say about some of them anyway (though "The Baredevil" is pretty funny). "Spectrolysis" is worth mentioning because it is about a woman who moves into a haunted house and wakes up while the ghost having sex with her. A fun idea, but perhaps weaker than it sounds.

Overall I enjoyed the first "Project EROSion" collection more than this one because it was a lot more inspired, but there are some quirky and weird ideas in "2.0" that makes it enjoyable. Just go into it with the knowledge that its filmmaker would rather spend his time making a film than think about it - and that's not to say the quality is always low, but it does mean there are some odd ones in here that might not appeal to you. This isn't high art, and it's not someone attempting high art. It's odd, dirty, silly and a little bit repulsive. As intended.

Positive things:
- Wesley Florence has his own weird humour.
- Some of the shorts manage to mix deeper ideas with silliness and erotica.
- It's inspiring to watch short films by someone who doesn't question himself.

Negative things:
- It's not as interesting as the first collection, as these are generally more comedic.
- Definitely not for everyone. You need to know what to expect to enjoy these.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 4/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 1.5/5
Comedy: 2.5/5

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The Collection Abstrotic

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