Title: Psychic TV: First Transmission

Also known as:
First Transmission (Original title)

Year: 1982

Genre: Exploitation / Documentary / Art House

Language: English

Runtime: 240 min

Director: N/A

Writer: N/A

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0475584/

This film by "Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth" contains four segments; "Ritual Ov Psychick Youth", "The Dream Machine", "Thank You Dad", and "Individual Ov Power". All segments either show their rituals of the so called cult, or is about them, or what they look up to.

Our thoughts:
I really didn't want to review this film at all, not only because it would be hard, but because the film is so damn long and considering the length of the film, there's surprisingly little of worth to say about it. But as I was just about the shove the film out of my memory, I decided that a review of this NEEDS to be on our site. There are so many reasons for this film to be reviewed by us that it's almost stupid of me to even think I wasn't gonna review it.

"First Transmission" (or "Psychic TV: First Transmission", as I like to call it because it's easier for people to know which film I'm talking about) is split into four parts, or actually, four tapes I believe. It was originally a film that would be sold through mail order to people who had bought Genesis P-Orridge's (a name you might remember from my "Incarnation" review. He also had a band called "Psychic TV") previous albums of the band "Psychic TV". Sort of like when you get a code in an album to access a special part of a band's website. Instead of that, they got this weird ritual film that I'm sure surprised many of it's viewers.

"Ritual Ov Psychick Youth" is the first segment in line and it's actually pretty literally just a ritual. Very boring, but still pretty fucked up. It consists of alot of carving in flesh. They carve three horizontal lines, and one vertical through those three on each other pretty much the entire segment, which is a little less than an hour long. The symbol I suppose is the cult's own symbol or maybe it just represents something I don't care to look up. Except for the carving, we have some penises shown, often with a knife stroking around the cock. This is pretty much what is going on, but it's edited in a way that, along with the grainy and shitty quality, makes it a little more interesting than it might sound, on a purely artistic level. Still a fairly boring hour though, but absolutely worth watching. It's a really sadistic segment and I wouldn't mind finding out what they are doing it all for. This part ends with a loooong intermission that is just an image of the Virgin Mary.

Second part/tape is just someone driving around the town filming people. For a while we watch some damn stoners. Very boring. Atleast after that, we get to see some kind of amateurish surgery performed on a kids arm. Bloody, but you're better off watching any other mondo / death footage compilation film if you want a graphic surgery. The kid is left with some strange button that I got explained to me that it was an "orgasmatron", a device that gives you orgasms on command. He keeps on pushing that button for sure. This goes on for a while, until they start doing the same thing, except this time they are cutting up his spine (which is suppose to be the real place to put that device). Atleast I think it's the same kid. Sure looked like it. I'm not sure there is actually a reason for it, which would explain why at the beginning of the tape it said something about it being a found tape and the cops are saying they know nothing about it. This boring crap continues with a bunch of driving around again. Getting pretty damn angry at this film by now. The first part was atleast somewhat interesting and raw. Although, nothing in the first part can compare to one part in this one. With the help of a pair of scissors, they cut the kids cock off! Blood flows from his stomp of a penis and it's not a pretty sight, especially not for men.

"Thank You Dad" is the third segment, and it's pretty much about a man called James Warren "Jim" Jones. I don't really know anything about him, but with the help of internet I could find that he was the founder and leader of the sect "People's Temple", that's most famous for a collective suicide in 1978 where 909 people died. Fairly interesting case, but not something I care about in this film as I'd rather just read about him or something instead of listening to him talking, while we see zoomed in films with shitty quality so that we barely know what we are watching. I gotta be honest and tell you that I skipped through bits of this film even. 34 minutes in, we get to see something else for a while. A cute girl is getting undressed, and sadly gets dressed again. A short break interupts us from watching that girl, and after the break we see a girl trimming her pubic hair. Pubic hair trimming is followed by a guy poking a hole in his penis. I'd be a total liar if I claim I see any real depth in this film so far. Shitty shit shit. Boring like you wouldn't believe. But atleast we got to see some naked women. NEXT!

Final segment starts off with an interview with Genesis P-Orridge, talking about "Psychic TV". This would of course be very cool to watch for the fans of the band / video-music-phenomenon that is "Psychic TV", and less interesting for someone like me. But, Genesis P-Orridge is still that's fun to listen to, because he seriously believe in what he is doing and he is living in his own little universe with his own rules. People who are really putting time and effort into something, and who are good spokesmen for what they believe, are always worth spending time listening to. After the interview, we have to sit through lots of "Psychic TV" music, while watching some random colors and people fucking, and it's not very good. The film eventually ends with "an introduction to the Temple Ov Psychick Youth".

What can I say? It's not worth four hours on your life, that's for sure. If you are tracking this down, just watch the first part of the film, and at most you can skip through the second half. The rest is not worth spending time on. I understand that this film is for the fans of them, so that might explain why it wasn't too good for me. Yes, it's very strange and messed up, but I believe everything could've been a total on an hour and still have the same things in it, but with stronger impact. Many mention "Ritual Ov Psychick Youth" and say that it's the closest thing you'll find to snuff, but since this is a ritual where I believe they were all in on it, it's not really snuff at all, is it?

Positive things:
- "Ritual Ov Psychick Youth" wasn't a complete waste.
Negative things:
- Long, and long.
- And long.
- Long and not very interesting.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 2.5/5
Story: 0/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 0/5

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