Title: Pürrer / Scheirl: Super-8-Girl Games

Also known as:

Year: N/A

Genre: Experimental / Shorts / Performance art

Language: German

Runtime: 72 min

Director: Ursula Pürrer, Angela Hans Scheirl

Writer: Ursula Pürrer, Angela Hans Scheirl


Early collaboration short films from filmmakers Ursula Pürrer and A. Hans Scheirl, mixing their desires to experiment with their interest in performance art.

Our thoughts:
What I know about the filmmakers / performance artists Ursula Pürrer and Angela Hans Scheirl is limited strictly to the two films "Dandy Dust" and "Flaming Ears". I haven't dug any deeper since the two films didn't wake any more interest in either of them. Even though I don't hate the movies. But this short film collection sums up pretty much exactly what I thought about these two from seeing the feature films, so it didn't really bring much new to the table.

The short films in this collection are basicly performances with added music and/or effects (like film scratches) of some kind. They are all very amateurish, but that's to expect. Hell, that's probably what they were going for. If "Dandy Dust" and "Flaming Ears" taught me anything it is that they don't care about having the best effects, the best acting, the best sound, the best anything. They make crazy performance art (or something similar) films with even more crazy acting and extremely silly effects. It kinda works because you can't judge them for it - it's what they want to make. And the shorts in this collection are their early "home movies", so I accept that they were of even less quality than the feature films.

I can't go through all the short films in here because not only are there 8 films and a bonus film, but some of them left me without a thought. So I wouldn't know what to say to begin with. The most important ones, to me, are:

"Super-8-Girl Games" is the first short film. It's the film they took the collection title from as well, which was a good movie. This isn't the first game/computer influenced short film on here, so the title sums it up pretty great. This specific short film is basicly a live-action video game. More specifically, games like "Pong". Pürrer and Scheirl are the Super-8-Girls that the title refers to (in case you didn't know, Scheirl is a transgender. As for Ursula, I actually don't know) and they are basicly just bouncing an arrow (made from scratches on the film) between eachother. Then there are some other weird things that I don't think have any importance to the film rather than they wanted to try something.

"Gezacktes Rinnsal Schleicht Sich Schamlos Schenkel-nässend An" is one that doesn't really leave me with a specific thought, but one that I enjoyed visually more than anything. It's a rather creepy short (or it could've been if creepy music had been added) if you consider who made it, especially when we see blue-lit naked people sneak around in total darkness. As the title means "Zigzagged Rivulet Sneaks up Shamelessly Wetting Thighs" it's no surprise that some piss worked its way into the short as well, but I'm not sure what to make of it. As with everything on this DVD, I guess! This is one of the better shorts in here, though, because you can just enjoy it as a sort of art installation, and not care too much about what to think.

"1/2 Frösche Ficken Flink" ("1/2 Frogs Fuck Fast") is a sort of documentation of a period after the making of "Flaming Ears" (thank you, booklet!) and starts off at a gym where Scheirl is observing a fighting match. This cuts to a scene of bike-masturbation. That's my word for someone who uses a bike to rub against, but I think you figured that out yourself. For the rest of this short we basicly see Scheirl have sex in different positions and places. Cut in a few shots of a TV screen (playing "Hellraiser II") and you have the film. Why I decided to write about this one is mostly because of the great title, I wanted to mention it, but also because this seemed to be fairly important as it supposedly documents Scheirl, rather than being another performance art film by him. So it seemed essential to the collection!

I won't talk about any of the other shorts, but the titles of them are: "Das Schwarze Herz Tropft - Bastelandleitung zu Rinnen", "Body-building", "Ein Schlauchboot und Austern", "Im Original Farbig", "The Drift of Juicy" and the bonus film "Slocking Walkman", which is basicly a music video.

If you are interested in checking out the work by these two I think you're better off going for the feature films. This DVD is not a waste if you have an interest already, or if you love short films collections like I do, but it didn't do much to me. There are some brief bits that are great, the rest is pretty meh and mostly silly (I think that might be intentional, though). I think maybe these two work better with feature lengths because then you have the time to get acquainted with their weird, sexual, "cyberdyke" world.

Positive things:
- Some parts are good, mostly visually.
- The DVD mostly works as a way to see what the two filmmakers did in the past.
Negative things:
- It's hard to know what to do with these films. They don't really make you think, they don't really look good, and they are often silly.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 5/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 0.5/5
Comedy: 2/5

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