Title: Q

Also known as:
Desire (US title)
Snälla Cecile (Swedish title)

Year: 2011

Genre: Drama / Erotic

Language: French

Runtime: 103 min

Director: Laurent Bouhnik

Writer: Laurent Bouhnik

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1879030/

Several couples are having problems with their sexual lives in a French town. The young Cecile goes around flirting and teasing many of the men, but by doing so she ends up helping many of them get over their problems. But no one's around to help Cecile with her problems.

Our thoughts:
I was excited to hear that Njutafilms got the rights to this film as I've been interested in it for quite some time (I think I originally wanted to watch it before the Best of 2011 list, but that failed). My interest in it was based solely on that it seemed like a movie that mixed erotica and drama perfectly. Not like many of these recent films that focus on being sexy, and end up with a boring or nonexisting plotline - I'll go to pornography for that, actually. I wanted something that was a bit more like the recent "Bedways" and "The Exterminating Angels" (not be confused with Buñuel's film). Actually hot movies, but movies that work as a story too. That's exactly what I got from "Q".

This is set in (I think) a random French town, and follows several couples that are going through problems in their sex lives. Either they have something blocking them mentally, they can't perform, or there's simply no spark. And in comes Cecile, a young and sexually free girl who goes around town flirting and driving people crazy with sexual desire. She makes out with anyone, lets anyone finger her, and at times more than that. Cecile represents the desire in them, but what she's doing isn't pleasing herself but helping the others. Through her flirting she opens up the blocks in their sexual lives, although sometimes a more straight on help is needed. She puzzles together these broken couples, but while doing this she's completely ignoring her own problems with her boyfriend.

The reason "Q" works as a movie is because there's something slightly fantastical about it. Everything is realistic, but the character of Cecile is used as something above that. It's a rather modern and interesting story of relationship (sexual) problems - humane problems like not wanting to sleep with someone because she can't stop thinking about all of the other girls he has been with. It's something to relate to at times, and maybe the movie works best when you watch it in a couple. It won't help you if you have problems, of course, but I think watching it alone will put your focus outside of the story (if you know what I mean...).

Let's not ignore that this IS a very erotic movie, though. There are graphic sex scenes, showing both oral sex and masturbation throughout. Although there's no penetration shown, it doesn't feel like it's shying away (even though that's the case). It's a lot more erotic than pornographic, though. Yes, there is a difference, since I don't think pornography is guaranteed to arouse so the word doesn't always fit. If a movie is erotic, it evokes that feeling more. And this one definitely arouses - I think the scenes are extremely well-formed, from the angles and lighting, to what it chooses to show and hide. If a couple is looking for something to spice up their night, but arne't interested in porn, then this might be a perfect film to meet them halfway.

I wasn't sure exactly what I would think of "Q" since I have found myself going through a number of reasonably similar titles that often just come off as boring smut. This one I think is a nice little movie, that is both entertaining and erotic. There's good performances all around and there's more than meets the eye, for the slightly more intellectual. Although, by no means is this a very deep or philosophical movie, but there's SOMETHING to look into. A lot of the times I think that's all you need to keep certain parts of the mind active. "Q" is one of the better erotic dramas I have seen in a year or two, so obviously I would recommend it.

Positive things:
- An fairly interesting story.
- Great erotic scenes.
- Good production: cinematography, lighting, acting, etc.
- Not just smut for the sake of smut, but actually a sweet and thoughtful drama.
Negative things:
- I can't think of anything specific at the moment.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 4/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 2/5

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